[Unicorn image] NCSSM Fire News

3 May 1996

From: Gina Norman (norman@email.unc.edu)

As most of you probably know by now, first Beall was gutted by a fire about two weeks ago. (For more information, see the e-mail attached to the bottom of this message). Several of you have contacted me with a desire to help the girls out (particularly to help them replace some of the non-essentials like CDs and art supplies), and now we have a plan now.

I've contacted Gail Hudson at NCSSM, who is coordinating many of the fire-relief efforts (she's in guidance). She said that anything that we can so to help out would be very much appreciated, particularly since one of the major sources of relief has been lost (apparently the manager of Northgate mall had offered to help the girls out with essentials such as clothes... however, last Monday, he [unexpectedly] took a new job; therefore that source of support has been lost).

So, if you'd like to make a contribution (or send a care package, or whatever), send it to:

Gail Hudson
1219 Broad Street
Durham, NC 27715

If you're writing a check (which might be the simplest solution), please put on the memo line:

"Fire Victims - Alumni Donation"

All of our gifts will be added together and then divided amongst the girls. If you're going to contribute, could you please try to get something in the mail by Tues. of next week (the 7th), so the $$ can be collected and distributed by Mon. of the following week (obviously, the sooner the better as far as the girls are concerned).

According to Gail, the girls are adjusting ok, though they are understandably a bit shaken up. The school is having a special day on Monday (no classes), where they can make up work, etc. They'll also have a picnic as sort of a celebration of life and recovery.

Again, thank you to everyone who has indicated a desire to help. Anything we can do is going to mean a lot to these girls -- not only in the replacement of "things," but also in knowing that there are people out there who care about them and want to support them.

Please direct any questions to me (919/361-0485 h or 919/992-4881 w, gnorman@trinet.com or norman@email.unc.edu) or to Gail Hudson at NCSSM (919/286-3366).

Thank you in advance for your support.

Gina Norman '86
NCSSMAA President

27 April 1996

Some of you may have heard by now that there was a fire at NCSSM last Wed. night. No one was hurt (thanks, I almost hate to admit, to the very frequent fire drills), but first Beall was ruined. The fire was apparently electrical in origin, and may have been started by a halogen lamp attached to an extension cord... you get the picture... The girls are now living in other rooms around campus, and they're trying to find a longer term solution, as the rooms will not be habitable until August. Ground Beall also suffered damage, but the fire marshall has cleared it for access (for teacher's materials) and it is expected to be fully in use within a month.

The staff (Academic and res. life) have gone out of their way to help the kids, most of whom were a bit traumatized (understandably) and many of whom lost all their things. Several local businesses (like the KMart) have donated clothing, etc. to help the kids get by.

What can we do to help? Ideas are welcomed -- I was thinking maybe a special collection to raise money to replace some of the non-essentials (like perfume, CDs and the like). There were thirty (+-1) girls on the hall... could we raise enough to give each of them $15-30?

Is there something else we can do? Any ideas?

And while we're on the subject -- HELP! We need more alumni involvement in the NCSSMAA....become an active member (by making a small contribution), run for office, come to board meetings!!! E-mail me or Sharon Belville (belville@mit.edu) for more info . Her WWW page has all the info on it (and, no, I don't remember the whole URL...sorry).