Get ready for 6.001!


Planning on taking 6.001? Are you worried you don't have enough programming experience? Come hear an overview of the topics covered by 6.001, an introduction to concepts behind programming, and an introduction to the basics of scheme. Then short, simple daily Scheme exercises will be emailed to participants with solutions following a day later. These problems will provide practice and demonstrate solutions to the kinds of problems asked in 6.001. Online help will be available.

The second session will go over the solutions to the problems and explain the steps used. You'll come away with a better understanding of Scheme and what 6.001 is about.


Ben Vandiver (, AIM: metametagenie)
Alex Vandiver (
David Ziegler (

The course staff can be reached at


Scheme Implementations

You'll need one of these to program in scheme: Notes on downloading and running scheme


  1. Introduction to 6.001 & Scheme
    Notes (PostScript, PDF, DVI, LaTeX)
    Solutions (txt)
  2. More Scheme: Lists and Higher Order Procedures
    Notes (PostScript, PDF, DVI, LaTeX)
    Solutions (txt)


Getting Help
  1. Thursday's Exercises - Solutions
  2. Friday's Exercises - Solutions
  3. Saturday's Exercises - Solutions
  4. Sunday's Exercises - Solutions
  5. Monday's Exercises - Solutions
  6. Tuesday's Exercises - Solutions
  7. More Exercises - Solutions

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