Hoda Bidkhori


I am currently a lecturer and a postdoctoral associate at the Operations Research and Statistics Group at Sloan School of Management. This semester I am teaching the course Statistical thinking and data analysis at the Sloan School of Management. Being excited about decision-making problems in complex operational environments, I spent past years as a postdoctoral associate in operations research at MIT. I also obtained my Ph.D. in applied mathematics from MIT.

Research Interests

Decision making under uncertainty.


Logistics and supply chain management: flexibility in manufacturing and inventory planning.
Revenue management and Business analytics.


Dynamic optimization in uncertainty.
Machine learning: data mining for predictive modeling.

Selected Publications

Selected Teaching Experience

  • Instructor for Statistical thinking and data analysis. Fall 2014, MIT.
    Textbook: Data Mining for Business Intelligence, 2nd ed.
    In this course, we teach data-driven thinking, problem solving, and decision making. We teach analytics methods using the statistical software R.
  • Guest lecturer for Reliability on supply chain networks and optimization methods for operations management. Fall 2013, MIT. (For MBA and graduate students)
  • Advising eight undergraduate students at MIT, 2007 – 2010. (I won Roger family prizes at MIT for the best mentorship)


Dr. Hoda Bidkhori
Rm. E62-559
MIT Sloan School of Management
Cambridge, MA 02139

Email: bidkhori@mit.edu