Hoda Bidkhori


I am currently a lecturer and a postdoctoral associate at the Operations Research and Statistics Group at Sloan School of Management. This semester I am teaching the course Statistical thinking and data analysis at the Sloan School of Management. My postdoctoral Supervisor is Dimitris Bertsimas.

Being excited about decision-making problems in complex operational environments, I spent the past three years as a postdoctoral associate in operations research at MIT. During my Ph.D at MIT, I was exposed to the field of Operations Research and have been actively working with Professor Bertsimas and other faculty at MIT's Operations Research Center and Sloan School of Management since 2010.

Research Interests


Logistics and supply chain management: flexibility in manufacturing and inventory planning.
Revenue management and business analytics.


Dynamic optimization in uncertainty.
Machine learning: data mining for predictive modeling.

Selected Papers

Selected Teaching Experience

  • Instructor for Statistical thinking and data analysis. Fall 2014, MIT.
    Textbook: Data Mining for Business Intelligence, 2nd ed.
    In this course, we teach data-driven thinking, problem solving, and decision making. We teach analytics methods using the statistical software R.
  • Guest lecturer for Reliability on supply chain networks and optimization methods for operations management. Fall 2013, MIT. (For MBA and graduate students)
  • Advising eight undergraduate students at MIT, 2007 – 2010. (I won Roger family prizes at MIT for the best mentorship)


Dr. Hoda Bidkhori
Rm. E62-559
MIT Sloan School of Management
Cambridge, MA 02139

Email: bidkhori@mit.edu