Sinskey Lab Courses and Conferences

MIT Courses
        7.547J/10.547J/15.136J/HST.920J Principles and Practice of Drug Discovery (Fall)
        7.13 Microbial Genetics Project Lab (Fall)
        7.18/7.19 Topics in Experimental Biology (Spring)
        7.549J/15.137J/20.486J/HST.916J Case Studies and Strategies in Drug Discovery and Development (Spring)
        HST.979J/15.123J Dynamics of Biomedical Technologies (Spring)

Past Conferences
       International Symposium on Biological Polyesters (September 11-15, 2000) in Cambridge, Massachusetts
       Metabolic Engineering III (October 22-27, 2000) in Colorado Springs, Colorado
       POPI Symposium (December 13-14, 2001) in Cambridge, Massachusetts        
       BIO2002 (June 9-12, 2002) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
       International Symposium on Biological Polyesters (September 22-26, 2002) in Münster, Germany
       BioMalaysia 2002 (October 1-4, 2002) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
       Metabolic Engineering IV (October 6-11, 2002) in Il Ciocco, Castelvecchio Pascoli, Italy
       5th Conference on Recent Advances in Fermentation Technology (November 9-11, 2003) in St. Petersburg, Florida
       POPI Symposium (December 9-10, 2003) in Cambridge, Massachusetts
       International Symposium on Biological Polyesters (August 22-28, 2004) in Beijing, China
       Metabolic Engineering V: Genome to Product (September 19-23, 2004) in Lake Tahoe, California
       Cooperative Research Centre for Sugarcane Innovation through Biotechnology (CRC SIIB) symposium; Brisbane,               Australia; November 16-17, 2004
       National Conference on Biotechnology of Plantation Commodities; Selangor, Malaysia; August 9-11, 2005
       Biotechnology Asia 2005; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; August 16-17, 2005
       Bioselangor 2005; Selangor, Malaysia; August 29-30, 2005
       Crossroads of Biotechnology Conference; Montreal, Canada: March 21-22, 2006
       Biotechnology Asia 2005; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; August 16-17, 2005
       Biotechnology Asia 2005; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; August 16-17, 2005

Upcoming Conferences
       International Symposium on Biological Polyesters (November 23-26, 2008) in Auckland, New Zealand

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