MIT Black Theatre Guild



a play by Samm-Art Williams

Director - Tommy DeFrantz
Assistant Director - Maribel Delfaus 'g

HOME is a play that tells the story of Cephus Miles, a young farmer from Cross Roads, North Carolina. Cephus refuses to go fight in the Vietnam war. He is thrown in jail, loses his family's land, his childhood sweetheart, the respect of his town, anc his religion. Whe he gets out of jail, he goes North, getting involved in drugs and drinking; the fast life. He hits rock bottom before he finally decides to turn his life around and return home.

The Cast

Cephus Miles - Kearne Prendergast '98

Pattie Mae Wells - April Griffin '98

Aunt Hannah, Hazel, Myrna, cousin2 - Kenya Taylor '97

Tommy, Johnny Mac, The Dream Donator - Jomaquai Jenkins '97

Birmingham, Seargant, Jailer, Bartender, Bus Driver - Michael Dowe II '99

Rev. Doris, Mrs. Hattie Smith, cousin1 - Cheryl Oates g

The Crew

Producers - April Griffin '98, Kenya Taylor '97

Stage Managers - Shawn Atlow '97, Issac Persley '97

Sound Manager - Spencer Lewis '97

Coustumes and Makeup - Kikuyu Matthews '98, Nicole Sang '99

House Manager - Tuknekah Noble '98

Publicity Manger - Ryan Curiel '98

Set Manager - April Griffin '98

Performance Dates

May 3,4,11 - 8pm, 1996
May 5 - 3pm, 1996
Room 1-390
Admission - $3 MIT, $5 general