MIT Black Theatre Guild


Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again

by Ola Rotimi

Director-Thomas DeFrantz

Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again

Major Lejoka-Brown transfers to the campaign arena tactics that he has taken from his experience in military combat. Lejoka-Brown's strategy is to trick, intimidate and ambush his opponents. The ex-major is also head of a polygamous household. Generally, he uses "his" women to stoke his ego. However, he plans to use his newest wife, who is the daughter of the Market Women's Association President, as an easy ticket to the women's votes. The women come together in an unexpected show of solidarity to deliver to Lejoka-Brown, not the anticipated votes, but certain revelations about their humanity.


Bosun Adeoti Rahman Taslim Lejoka-Brown ('Di Major')
Ashley Robinson Liza, american educated wife of Lejoka Brown
Shawntel Hines Sikira, wife to Lejoka-Brown
Ijeoma Ezeofor Mama Rashida, wife to Lejoka-Brown
Ijeoma Ezeofor Madam Bambiba Ajanaku-mother of Sikira and head of the National Union of Nigerian Market Women
Ato Ulzen-Appiah Gideon Abednego Okonkwo a lawyer and friend of Lejoka-Brown
Yaw (Chief) Anku Mallam Gaskiya, member of the National Liberation Party
Yaw (Chief) Anku Shoe shine boy
Tawanda Sibanda Alhaji Mustafa, a neighbor and a venerable old man
Tawanda Sibanda Journalist
Samuel Gikandi Polycarp, steward in the Lejoka Brown Household
Nasruddin Nazerali Musa Osagie- member of the National Liberation Party
Bilha Ndirangu Girl selling oranges
Bilha Ndirangu Journalist
Margeaux Randolph BBC correspondent


Nasruddin Nazerali and Ashley Robinson Stage Managers
Tawanda Sibanda Sound designer
Margeaux Randolph and Ashley Robinson Publicity
Eric Mibuari Lighting designer/spot light operator
Adrienne Irmer Light board operator/Sound board operator

Perfomance dates
Saturday, May 15th at 7pm
Sunday, May 16th at 2pm
La Sala de Puerto Rico
Suggested donation $5