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Timeline & Calendar of Events for Bioengineering Opportunities


9/7 “Manufacturing new materials using peptide motifs” (Professor Shuguang Zhang) 66-110 at 7:00PM [EMBS-BMES Distinguished Lecture Series]

9/15 “Towards Molecular Imaging of Neural Activity in Behaving Animals” (Professor Alan Jasanoff of MIT) 56-114 at 4:10PM

9/23 “Special Bioethics Seminar” (William Stempsey of Holy Cross) 56-114 at 1:30PM [BE Industrial Seminar Series]

9/29 Chapter Meritorious Achievement Award presented to MIT (BE)-BMES at the 2005 National BMES Fall Conference at Hyatt Regency in Baltimore, MD


10/6“Meet the Lab” (Prof. Kristala Jones Prather of MIT) 56-114 at 4:10PM

10/12 “High-throughput Mass Spectrometry” (Dr. Can Ozbal, BioTrove) 66-110 at 7:00PM [EMBS-BMES Distinguished Lecture Series]

10/13 “Challenges in the Biopharm Industry and the Role of the Center for Biomedical Innovation” (Dr. Frank Douglas) 56-114 at 4:10PM

10/20 “Effect of Adhesion and Mechanical Signals on Eukaryotic Cell Differentiation: Lessons from Yeast and Human Embryonic Stem Cells” (Prof. Sean Palacek of U. of Wisconsin) 56-114 at 4:10PM

10/27 Dr. Cecil Plickett of the Schering-Plough Research Institute  [Wogan Lecture] 56-114 at 4:10PM

10/28 “Special Bioethics Seminar” (Thomas Shannon of Worcester Polytechnic Inst.) 56-114 at 1:30PM [BE Industrial Seminar Series]


11/3 “Meet the Lab” (Schauer Group of MIT) 56-114 at 4:10PM

11/10 “The Met Receptor Tyrosine Kinase: Tubes, Tumorigenesis and More” (Dr. Morag Park of McGill U.) 56-114 at 4:10PM

11/17 “Engineering Synthetic Multicellular Systems” (Prof. Ron Weiss of Princeton U.) 56-114 at 4:10PM


12/1 “Hyaluronan-based Matrices in Inflammation” (Dr. Vince Hascall of Cleveland Clinic) 56-114 at 4:10PM

12/2 Mark Trusheim (Massachusetts Biotechnology Council) 56-114 at 1:30PM  [BE Industrial Seminar Series]

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