Disclaimer: most of these notes were written for class projects and/or for fun, and not intended for research quality. If you find them useful, please use with caution and at your own risk.

1. Investigation of Shockley-Quisser limit of a single-junction solar cell, a reading note about Shockley-Quisser limit, written with Wei-chun Hsu.

2. Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Leonard-Jones Fluids, codes (in Fortran) embedded.

3. How to build up an atom from scratch, a group meeting talk about electronic calculations of atoms.

4. Norm-Conserving Pseudopotentials, slides of a talk about norm-conserving pseudopotential generation.

5. Davidson Diagonalization Method, this is the course project report for Fall 2011 18.335J "Introduction to Numerical Methods" given by Prof. Steven Johnson.

6. Nonsymmorphic Symmetries and Their Consequences. Last Modified 05/15/2012.