Pix:Events:Oath Series Finale

As with the Flames, there were three main maps: the new Hippocrates ship map, the Blue palace, and the conference center on Bastion. Plus an early map at the wedding, on our steadfast old battlemap.
New Hippocrates
The refit comes with an eight-story map. Jerry gives a tour.
More ship map
If I was clever, I would have arranged an angle in which all the text was not upside down.
Palace map
We've stolen J's board game for the little three story bit. See Laura continue to take pictures with upside-down text.
Bastion map
Alas, for the conference center, though it is three stories, it doesn't have a vertical map stack. Look, more plastic figures!
This is the wedding reception. The last (very brief) use of the urbanity mechanic! Note the matching Talia and Akito counters.
Killer robots (the plastic guys) everywhere!
Epic Combat
Ryan Waites fighting three Jedi Elite, with Ruthie next in line for the defense of Donella and her heir Gideon. Bitter Jim is outside the sealed door, much to his, well, bitterness.
Combat on the ship
The time machine is in the Perilous Activities Facility.
Combat on the ship
Killer robots begin to be a problem for the little group trying to hold them off.
Starting up
It can't be very bad yet because there's only one group of enemies on the combat chart program (very front).
Late ship map
Woe! The top of the ship has fallen off! Probably good we didn't try to use it for more than one run.
Cell Phone Pictures...
The new Hippocrates map, front view
Hippocrates Map
Back view
Hippocrates ship fight
Blue Palace
Before the fight started
Blue Palace
During the fight
Palace Entrance
Conference center fight
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