Pix:La Mancha:Garden:2006

I haven't taken any pictures earlier than May, but we haven't done much before that. The tulips are coming up again in the back tulip bed, looking much like they did last year. The few daffodils in the front came and went again. The bleeding heart in the back has gotten a little more bulky. Anyway, as of early May, we did some actual planting.
Middle rose
This one is the biggest, and most enthusiastic generator of blossoms.
August 12
The purple Wave petunia on the left has decided that the garden isn't big enough to share. It's quite impressive - the poor thing will disappointed to discover that it's just an annual.
Top view
Compare this to June 17; petunias have run rampant, but the lobelia has succumbed to the heat.
Zinnias in back
These guys flourish in the heat
A stitched view, similar to the previous.
Left zinnia mob
The ones on the left always get a bit higher.
June 21
Woo! Roses! You can't smell them from here, but trust me, they smell lovely.
June 17
The petunias and lobelia are finally getting a good head of flowers. The grey and rainy spring hasn't been the best for them.
White Petunias
Both colors are Wave petunias; the white ones are higher-growing.
Pink/Red Petunias
The pink ones are more spready.
It's a little leggy, but I don't think it's the sort of plant you trim much. I like the blue and white contrast.
Schizoid Lobelia
There's this one that's blue and white. I'm not sure if it's two plants mixed or some strange calico.
The middle rose is by far the happiest, and one of the buds looks close to opening. Excitement!
May 8, Front Garden
There's three Chrysler Imperial rosebushes (with the sticks), the roses of my childhood. Hopefully they can survive Massachusetts. Petunias (we're trying Wave this year) between and behind them, and white and purple lobelias in the very front.
Stock Pot
Three red/purple stock (I like the scent and the look) in a pot on the porch.
More Stock
And a few more by the side. You can see the nemesis of the Porch Weed trying to come back, too.
May 18, Front Garden
The petunias are gamely trying to bloom after a pounding of rain. Only the white ones, though. The red are still saving themselves.
This has the most sun, so it's perking up fastest.
Rose Growth
The middle rose has some new growth. It's not a plastic rose! Yay!
Lobelia Bloom
A few of these are starting to show flowers, very deep brilliant blue.
Stock Pot
These flowers don't look how I thought they did at all. I thought they had a foxglovey shape to them, but that's only when they're new and still folded.
More Stock
They're still pretty, though.
The chives in back are blooming. The bleeding-hearts are definitely expansionist.
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