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Mysterious home page differences at Amazon
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Math answers
Student answers on math tests
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Isabelle, Jess, Amelia, Dave
Book Review Ratings
Because I wondered what kind of grades I was giving out.
Stun Damage
Killing attack versus standard attack, old and new Champions. (The new version gets you a much less impressive high tail for the stun multiplier.)
Mysterious Signalage, Part One
Mysterious Signalage, Part Two
Mysterious Signalage, Cameron Street
Sign in my office today
(One-half dinnerbuck)
Protest Signs
Tom had a "running for president" party (now that he's 35). He had campaign posters saying things like "Giordano for President: A Stichelton in Every Pot" and "Giordano for President: Pants you can believe in". I brought picket signs against him. (Apparently the Omen is too obscure a cultural reference, unfortunately.)
Jerry as Tinfoil Hat Guy
The sign and buttons are all Oath references. My favorite button is "Who is Giacomo? Why is he running our fleet?"
Apple Mail confuses me.
These recursive INBOXes are like heads of a hydra. Whenever I delete one, two grow back.
Purse spiderweb
It's very hard to see (or focus the camera on) except when it reflects the light
Eensy Weensy Spider
Seats for Trojan Barbie
The red dots are where everyone else was sitting. The green dots were our seats. Had I been wearing a short skirt (okay, that's unlikely) I would have found the seats Wholly Unacceptable, but as it was... well, I just get the feeling that the ART does not love us as much as their other patrons.
Hardback Cover
Paperback Cover
Perhaps babes don't actually sell as much as expected?
Game Screen
Jerry's new computer comes with a built in top panel to play solitaire with. Now, I admit, there are many times when I don't have something to play computer solitaire on. But none of these times are "when I am standing in front of my computer."
Web Ad
What odd mirrorverse is this advertisement from, where red is good and green is bad? If I clicked on it, would I find out a credit report for Mirror Laura? It's almost tempting. (Cael also points out that the range between 519 and 620 is missing, which I admit I hadn't noticed on my own.)
Telescope Cleaner
Mike cleans his telescope with this!
More Telescope Cleaner
One for isopropyl alcohol and one for distilled water.
The anti-map
I don't understand this map. That is, this map actively drains any understanding of the geography of the world pictured out of my brain.
Goth Body Wash
This isn't exactly what it said originally, but much sun and steam have taken its toll. No photoshop required.
Amazon plays with tag clouding
...and a closeup
of the world's doofiest-sounding slogan. "Not from concentrate" is not an ingredient, people!
This is a lovely creepy little picture
Mike's trip to Mars
(actually Cerro Armazones, in the desert near Antofagasta.)
Benjamin Jacob Goedhart
This guy was on the outside of an N42 window (spotted by thee Help Desk). Sort of like a mouse with combat spikes.
Davis Square Station
2/14/2005: This is the most crowded that I've seen the T yet, and it's been a month of crowded.
Church after Fire
This is a Boston Globe photo.
More boots!
From King Richard's Faire
Bad Boots, Good Boots
(Alas, the good boots arrived a day too late...)
Ratbite Fever
I had this when I was little. Apparently my mom had to do a lot of searching (and this was before the internet!) to help figure out what it was.
Hello Cthulhu!
Enough said...
"Overdose Victim"
I think this was from my uncle...
There's no way this is a pattern for a rooster. It's more like a knitted shoggoth.
Microsoft satire
Found Nemo
"Frank Gehry no longer permitted to make sandwiches for grandchildren" - an Onion headline and picture
Stata Center
The Stata center was designed by Frank Gehry.
Bugs v. the Bull
It took me forever to remember why I had a picture of this. It got used in the log for Death Comes on Little Cow Feet
Artist's conception of Garrett, from Thief.
Pink Bushes
I spent a while trying to get good pictures of some fuzzy pink bushes that grow along Cache Creek.
Pink Bushes
(Cache Creek is on the way up to Clear Lake in California)
Pink Bushes
Alas, none of the pictures are very impressive - at least, not nearly as impressive as the bushes were.
Red Klein Hat
... modelled by Jerry
Hat with Ears
(modeled by Jerry too)
Brown Klein Hat
(modeled blurrily by Marleigh)
Mystery Dots
I'm not allowed to say what these are.
My Celebrity Matches
Sheesh. :)
Bad Typography
I strongly disapprove of printing books in dark grey as mechaniced with black and white dithering.
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