Christmas Wreath
Snowy Street
Lester Terrace, at night. The snow isn't done, but it's already pretty deep.
Snowy Street
Looking the other direction
Bike Path
Bike Path
(with flash -there's the snow in the air!)
Seven Hills Park
Snow Monk
Shadow on Snow
(I thought this looked more interesting than it seems to as a picture. Oh well.)
Morning, from our window
(Snow's still not done)
From the other window
The neighbors have dug themselves out a bit. We have been more lazy so far.
Snowy Street
Lester Terrace, the next morning.
Windswept Tree
The wind has blown a lot of drifts away from things, like the tree.
Seven Hills Park
Seven Hills Park
Snow Bush!
Walkway through snow
Mimes in the snow.
Second Wave
Here's Wednesday morning's snow, still falling.
MIT Tree
This is not, technically, the neighborhood. But it's a nice snow picture.
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