Pix:Trips:Christmas 2006
Detroit Hotel
On our unexpected overnight stay in Detroit, we got to stay here. The big atrium with waterfalls and fountains gave it an odd Vegas-y feel. Where's Jerry? (And can you find the Stealth Jerry?)
Note the multicolored eyes! She has Strange Powers!
Punkin and Catnip Mousie
(Jerry always wants pictures of Punkin...)
Minneapolis Tree
I find that I'm very fond of the fiber-optic tree. It's sort of a minimalistic Tree Concept - tree, and colored light.
Como Conservatory
We went here Christmas Eve. It's a garden and a zoo, hence the many following pictures. The blend of the old-fashioned greenhouse shape and the new jaggy building is interesting.
Fern Room
There are a number of different buildings in the conservatory; this one has ferns of all sizes.
Floating Rocks
The pond in the Fern Room has these rocks in it. Those two rocks marked with arrows are, as far as we could tell, not connected to the other rocks, or the bottom of the pool, or anything. There was much peeking around from all possible angles, but I wasn't quite willing to try to hit them with my purse or something to see if they'd bob up and down. Maybe they're pumice, but maybe they're Weird Anti-Gravity Moon Rocks! Hard to tell!
Palm Dome
This is the dome in the middle of the old-fashioned area. It's an experimental picture to try and capture the feel of the light. As with most of my pictures of that sort, it didn't work out quite right, but it's an interesting arty effect, as it turns out.
North Garden Bananas
This is a little more evocative of the light through the greenery.
North Garden
At the right smallification, St. Francis looks instead like a menacing cyclops, which amuses me. The pond and fountain are transquil despite their cyclops.
The North Garden is the Garden of Useful Stuff (hence bananas). I don't think I've ever seen ginger in situ, though I knew intellectually it was a root.
The orchids had a room of their own which mere mortals weren't allowed in. However, there was also a scattered infestation of orchids all over the other rooms as well, for ogling.
Sunken Garden
Apparently the sunken garden room changes its flowers every season; for winter, it was Pointsettias. This was definitely the most spectacular of the garden rooms. None of the pictures do adequate justice to the sheer intensity of the color, but they try.
Pointsettia Fountain
From the other end of the garden. I've cheated a little with the reds and blues here.
Middle Pointsettia
This variety was a slightly darker crimson; the shadows from the sun had almost a blue cast, but that was probably just from contrast.
Contrasting Pointsettias
The reds are the most brilliant, but the pinks and whites are nice too.
Floppy Pointsettia
I'm not sure what kind this was, but the petals have this cute rumpled floppy look to them.
Even the baby was a good ten feet tall. I am reminded of the Starbucks coffees; Grande and Venti and Extra Super More Big...
The orangutans had a lot of various sheets and things they were playing with (there was a funny game of Capture The Little Kid in a Sheet going on too). This decorous lady was ambling back and forth in front, carefully keeping her shawl over her head with a thoughtful look.
Emperor Tamarin
Named after Emperor Wilhelm of Germany, and the source of the eerily escape-prone tamarind paste. One of these facts is actually true.
Siberian Tiger
He doesn't seem to mind the snow, which I suppose is not surprising with the "Siberian" and all. He had a set of prowl routes he'd follow around, very dedicatedly.
More Tiger
He's taking a break from his patrol now. If not for the glass, Jerry'd be scritching him.
The lions, being less keen on the snow, are dedicatedly snoozing inside. Despite the fact that he's hogging the bed, I think they look pretty comfortable.
More Snoozing Lion
The lion didn't do anything but snooze; the lioness struck a number of very regal and iconic poses for us.
More Lioness
Snow Leopard
These guys are seriously fuzzy.
More Snow Leopard
On the prowl.
I include this only to demonstrate Jerry's mom's solidarity with me on the superiority of ham to turkey. (And her mashed potatoes betray her as much as mine do me!)
Madison Tree
Now we're at Jerry's Grandma's house for bonus extra Christmas.
Jerry and Jerry's Grandma.
Jerry's Grandma
Here's what she called her "glamour photo".
Bakery Loot!
Jerry's uncle Randy and Aunt Lynn run the famed Chetek Bakery. If you're ever near Eau Claire, go try the pastries!
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