I received this letter from Jon Monsarrat (Johnny Monsarrat, as he's now going by), who is causing a stir with this lawsuit in which he threatens several people, plus 100 John and Jane Does, with $5.5 million in damages for saying mean things about him. I have received a second letter to my work address; the only difference is the address. I claim fair use, despite the nonsense about being prohibited from disclosing it. I provide it for educational purposes about the Davis Square lawsuit, and I make no profit from it. In particular, I do not recommend that anyone use this exact text for their own letters, as it contains several errors and a very poor grasp of what copyright entails. Copyright certainly does not prohibit me from disclosing the contents.

Some published background on Mr. Monsarrat:

  • Tech article: Matchup participants file many complaints
  • Harvard Record article: Dating service creator accused of harassing students
  • Somerville Police bust Question Wheel creator's underage drinking party

    Some filk songs about the incident:

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