A Cold Spot

Part 6: Tidying the Ends

April 19th
Eddie arrives. Dr. Schreber starts to explain, in reverse. There was this plane crash, see but Tommy doesn't get *into* plane crashes, Eddie protests. The party, in bits and pieces, tells Eddie the whole story. There's a lot of worrying that Peter's house isn't far enough away from the Apcott house. Peter finds this somewhat disconcerting. Eddie thinks they should get Alison and the priest for an exorcism. Except that they don't actually have Alison, and Ezekial is kinda scary to tangle with. Gerti is pretty sure she'll have to land, and that she'll be noticed when she does.

Eddie consults his books on Satanists to try and figure out what to do about them - in general, "kill them" appears to be the answer. They aren't particularly vulnerable to silver bullets or stakes or holy water (well, yes, they are vulnerable to silver bullets and stakes, just not excessively so). Roderick thinks that the two plans in the running are "go back to Boston" or "Stay here." Of course, Tommy is still in the hospital, and leaving him behind in Greenfield would be no good.

Dr. Schreber votes for Boston. "Being comfortable while waiting for the demonic entity to destroy us is slightly preferable" but isn't sure that the 30th is relevant any longer. Gerti thinks it depends on whether Ezekial has any more stuff to do - if he does, then the 30th is still relevant. Dr. Schreber thinks getting a body may have been all he wanted for the moment.

More argument over where to stash the Apcotts. Esme finds a place in Greenfield that she can rent and pretend that she's borrowing it from a friend, since they can't really afford hotels in Greenfield until the 30th. The place doesn't actually get used, though. Peter searches the Apcott house once more, and gets Alison's bank passbook (and finds some silver shavings on the bureau, though it's unclear what they mean). He develops more pictures, including one of the entire Apcott family. He also takes some picture of Esme and Mattie playing together. Roderick finishes his book.

The police come by, asking about the plane. They get told it was lightning. They aren't really convinced by this, having not noticed any storms, but since they appear to have not found any Scotch in the plane, and nobody was hurt, they go away again semi-satisfied (as crashing your plane isn't really very criminal). Amelia files a missing persons report on Alison.

The night passes - Peter spends it at the Apcott house, but nothing happens there either. Mattie is beginning to get particularly upset.

April 20th.
Tommy wakes up in the hospital, and wants to see a mirror. He's not as mummified as he used to be. The police report to Amelia that the night before, Alison appears to have hitched a ride to Springfield, claiming to be fleeing from her husband. The driver suffered a "heart attack" at Springfield, and woke up without his wallet and a lot of his clothes. Charlie, Peter, and Gerti head to Springfield to talk to him.

The rest of the party comes to visit Tommy in the hospital - Mattie has sent a get-well card with a picture of a crashing airplane on it. Holy water does not appear to cure mummification. The Springfield party continues on to Boston, after Charlie finds a guy at the train station who thinks that Alison's brother was on the train to Boston, but they lose the trail there.

On the way back from Boston, Dr. Schreber has a dream:

You watch through a pane of dark glass, with Ezekial. On the other side of the glass, Mattie plays. Ezekial watches her hungrily, pounding on the glass, but not breaking it. In the room with Mattie, Alison begins to act more and more wild, stamping around and flinging her arms about. She crashes into the glass, and breaks it, cutting her arm and bleeding down the broken glass. Ezekial plucks her through the broken glass, and she is gone. Then, the rest of the scene fades and you see Ezekial walking away jauntily, Alison flung over his shoulder like a coat. You follow. He keeps walking, and time is flying by on either side, months and then years Alison is discarded long ago by the wayside. Finally, Ezekial turns, with a mocking grin...

April 21st
Mattie is getting pretty traumatized. Did Tommy hit her mother with the plane? She goes back to the Apcott house to be in the closet, causing a lot of consternation for Peter when she's discovered missing. She talks to the Closet Guy about being a closet person too, for her mother.

Peter writes a story for the Globe about a brave fighter ace crashing after being struck by lightning. A valiant effort, walking away from the crash unscathed, all that.

The 30th comes and goes with no extra supernatural events.

Roderick: "The only thing left is to bill Amelia."

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