Remains To Be Seen

Part 1: A Letter Arrives

Thursday, October 13, 1932
The Valiant Detective Agency receives a letter from Mrs. Oakes, in North Ashfield. Apparently something has killed hr husband, and she doesn't trust the sheriff to protect her. Eddie calls her, and gets a few more details. There were three deaths, Mr. Oakes and the two employees of the North Ashfield cemetery. Another person has gone missing, the Donovan girl. She's convinced whatever it is is still around. Ther was an animal-like thing in the cemetery, not casting a shadow, and an unearthly howl. She's brought this up with the sheriff and he doesn't believe her; she'd rather not be looked on as more of a crackpot by insisting.

The rest of the party (even Peter, who's in Louisiana taking pictures of bayous for National Geographic) get called. He agrees to loan them the house (the key is under the rock in back). Roderick declares it to be werewolves, but then, there were graves being dug up, so maybe it was vampires instead. Reverend Witherspoon mentions both, so it could be either, as far as Gerti is concerned.

"Maybe werewolves came and dug up the vampires."
Roderick buys a hawthorn shrub from a nursery, and a rope of garlic. Then he calls Dr. Schreber ( "North Ashfield. Erm.") Eddie calls Mrs. Apcott for more details, including the "hacked to bits" that didn't turn up before. Gerti looks in the library, and wonders how she could have missed the page one articles about "THREE DEAD IN NORTH ASHFIELD". Junior is left with Esme, and the group sets out.
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