The Whitewood Horror

Part 4: Up All Night

Tuesday, February 19, 1935
It is autocratically declared to be about 9pm. Gerti, still fixated on Professor Driscoll, says that the next thing to do is figure out if he's been in Whitewood recently. Nobody leaps up and says "Yes! We must do this!" so the subject is abandoned again. Gerti is also a little unsure that staying in the Raven Inn, after she's been given a dead sparrow indicating "you are the target of our ritual" is a good idea. Where to go, though? Could they ask Pat to stay there? Or in the church itself? Gerti also investigates her window, and determines that it wouldn't have been hard to climb through from the outside, it being a first story window. Of course, it also might have been left by someone who came through the door.

Charlie and Tommy go out towards the farmhouse where Lottie went last night, in order to try and intercept her in response to her note. Gerti goes to listen to opera upstairs, dragging Dr. Schreber and Roderick (Dr. Schreber puts on some Wagner). In the lounge are two men - Keanon Sutter ("patriarchal and jolly") and Jethroe Keene (the man Mrs. Newless was talking to outside). Gerti makes determined small talk with Keanon, who ends up being a bit confused when Gerti mentions her husband, and even more confused when she says her husband is here.

The pair of men leave, and Gerti eavesdrops on them as they head down the hall: ("...married." "But why is she staying by herself?"). This is especially odd, since Gerti is staying with Sheila.

Later, four of the upstairs guests leave for a walk. Tommy, Charlie, Gerti, and Eddie stake out the various lounges; the others head to bed. Singing and laughing eventually drifts into the first floor lounge - possibly from the basement? Mrs. Newless is still hanging around the front desk, though, preventing anyone from making a serious attempt to pick the lock to the basement.

Gerti and Eddie go out to look for the tracks of people out on the walk, and then go to peek in Mrs. Newless's window. It's a nice bedroom, but there are no obvious Evil Shrines or Monsters in it. Shortly thereafter, they spot the four guests, plus Jethroe, walking along the edge of the woods. They sneak after the group, and avoid being ambushed around the corner of the shed. The group appears to decide not to bother chasing Gerti and Eddie (there's another snatch of comment: "...not worth it.... married..."), and heads back to the inn. Eddie breaks into the shed, but is disappointed to find only snow shovels and salt and such. The shed near the graveyard proves to be of sterner stuff, and Eddie jams the lock.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Newless brings crackers to Charlie and Tommy in their various lounges. Charlie eats his.

Eventually, Gerti and Eddie return, and Eddie goes to check on the sleeping people before going to bed himself. The room Dr. Schreber and Roderick are in is locked. Knocking, and then pounding, on the door, doesn't rouse anyone but Mrs. Newless. Gerti circles around to their window, and hears whimpering coming from inside. She gets the window open and climbs in - Dr. Schreber appears to be having a nightmare, but Roderick is nowhere to be seen (though his shoes and coat are still in the room). Dr. Schreber won't wake up, even after Gerti starts poking him with a needle and Eddie puts a cloth of cold water on his head. Eddie gets Sheila, who holds his hand and whispers something in his ear. He wakes up, screaming. Eddie glares at Sheila. Dr. Schreber is a bit nonplussed to be wet and bleeding, especially since Gerti looks not at all remorseful.

Dr. Schreber says that his nightmare was a "standard" one, fleeing some pursuer. Tracks are found outside the back door, of bare feet, running. With a combination of tracking, finding little shreds of cloth, and blind-running-through-the-woods-in-maybe-the-right-direction, Eddie, Tommy, Dr. Schreber, and the Scottish Manservant eventually find Roderick, fallen into a stream bed, concussed and nearly frozen. (The Scottish Manservant also twists an ankle). They drag him to a nearby farmhouse; pounding on the door and saying that they have an injured man doesn't get anyone to open the door, but Eddie picks the lock. Roderick is deposited by the kitchen stove and wrapped with blankets, while the inhabitants hide upstairs, shotgun at the ready. Tommy calls out to them that they aren't bad guys, but receives no response. Eventually, morning comes, and boots are stolen (but money left) for Roderick, and the group heads back to Whitewood proper.


Gerti and Sheila have gone to sleep, with Charlie instructed to stay up and guard them. After a while, he thinks he hears someone standing outside the door. Charlie opens the door groggily and nonthreatenigly as if he's getting up to go the bathroom, and there's Isaac (making a halfway attempt to appear as if he was just walking by, but where would he be going?). . Charlie asks Isaac politely what he's doing up so late. Isaac says he's getting some air and invites Charlie along. Charlie says no thanks and is about to walk over to the bathroom when Isaac decks him.

They scuffle for a bit; Charlie seems to be inflicting more damage, but it's not seriously impairing Isaac. Gerti and Sheila wake up. Gerti, noticing that Isaac doesn't seem to be taking damage, grabs her purse and shouts at Charlie to run. Charlie tries to shut the door on Isaac again, but doesn't make any headway. Isaac knocks Charlie out.

Gerti asks Sheila "Can you tell what will hurt him?" Sheila, looking nervous, shakes her head no. Isaac looks confused. Gerti, beginning to notice a trend, shouts out "Spirits Marshall, I command thee, carry my husband from this room!" as Isaac grabs for her. Gerti misses Isaac with the oil lamp. Sheila, looking a little perplexed, starts to drag Charlie away, but Isaac is distracted by going after Gerti and doesn't seem to notice. Gerti leaps out the window. Isaac leaps after her. Gerti flees towards the church. Isaac brings her down in a flying tackle, and then whispers something in her ear, causing her to pass out...

In the morning, Eddie, Tommy, Dr. Schreber, Roderick, and the Scottish Manservant return to the inn, to find nobody in any of their rooms and the throw rug (presumably damaged by the oil lamp) missing.

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