From the reconstructed Book of the Hegemon (New Reformed):
(Clearly this text was "reconstructed" from the original
within the last hundred years ago.)

For the servant did disobey the Master, and so the people were Judged. The Hegemon looked out upon the people and cursed them, and commanded the Guardians of the Sky to deny them. No more would they walk among the stars, for they had betrayed the Hegemon.

But so merciful and good was the heart of the Hegemon, that a test was decreed. One day, a man would come whose heart was bound by the Chains of Command of the Hegemon, and in his binding he would be cleansed. Let all await the day when the Sky Guards see the Chains, and allow the penitent to once more walk among the stars. For that man will plead for the people, and restore the lives of all.