Xenopsi Mechanic

(Human simulation of alien psyche...)

Vertaki: You can drain the mind stats of people you are touching.
You are superior to everyone around you.
You can mesmerize those with lesser minds than you. But you like eating them too.
Tinoori: You may roll your fortune dice to get more information about something.
You will not lie.
You have perfect recall, and you will not be intentionally misleading.
Brochoah: Each time you repeat an action, you may add one more die, up to the limit of your Str of Psi.
Noun clause: modifiers to noun clause. Speaking mannerism: somewhat stilted.
You may declare an action that you intend to take ten or more minutes from now, then spend a round rolling your Pre of Psi and use your successes as dice to be added to that action when it occurs. You will consider any long-term effects to far outweigh any short-term effects.
Isinglass: You can perceive things in all directions and around corners.
Doesn't speak.
You can roll your Str of Psi to adjust other people's emotions.
AI: You can reroll individual dice once per hour, up to your fortune stat.
Once you've decided something or figured something out, you tend to stick to it as a belief. Changing your mind is a little bit of work.
You are immune to all mental-type psi. But you're extra-vulnerable to anything that does an electric shock.
Hive: You can perceive in four spatial dimensions. This lets you see inside things to some extent.
The good of the many outweighs the good of the few, or the one.
Shapeshift: You can alter your shape somewhat. But you distrust anyone who isn't Hive.
Decider: You may split your dice as many ways as you like.
Once you have made a decision, you will not change it.
Once a turn, you may act three times in an action (using the same stat, but not necessarily taking the same action). You are completely loyal and obedient to everyone who believes the same thing you do.
Whale: You have unusual insight into the relationships between things.
You must spend at least thirty seconds on anything you say, whether through filling in extra explanation or talking extra slowly.
You have unusual insight into concrete objects in general. You may not sneak or hide.
Tamorai: You can substitute any Str of X stat for any other.
You feel particularly responsible or paternal for everything.
You can substitute any Pre of X stat for any other. You don't physically touch things.
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