Annotated Documents related to the Dust Wyrm, the Creation of the Hegemons, and the Flames

Book of the Hegemon (Puritan)

When the Universe saw, and knew, and was, all of humanity, the Decision was to spare itself from the Fires of Darkness.
The Great Omphalos Dust Wyrm identifies these fires as a periodic
event that destroys sentience in the universe.  

At first I thought the tripled verbs might corresponded to the three
lines of Hegemons, but now I don't think that's right.
And so did the Universe send, and command, and become the angels of the light. The angels did walk among humanity and teach, and protect, and serve them.
I believe this refers to the colleagues of the Wyrm.  I believe
these people to be responsible for establishing the Tarn Alliance.  I
suspect they had a good deal of control over events in pre-Hegemonic
When their time had past, they placed, and directed, and promoted, the Hegemon among man, that He might protect, and preserve, and enforce the Universal Will.
The Wyrm claims that the three lines of the hegemony were created
to focus the power of humanity into a weapon(?) against the Great
Flames.  It is curious that only one Hegemon is mentioned here, and
that the motive is unclear.  It is also unclear why the Wrym's people
(the angels?) left ("their time had past") and why they are unable to
protect us from the Flames themselves.
To the Hegemon, the Angels did bestow all power, and knowledge, and wisdom, and He was given dominion, and responsibility, and authority, over all humanity.
Presumably, the angels ended the Tarn Alliance and established
the Hegemony.
Only through, and with, and by the Hegemon will the Fires of Darkness be quenched, and endured, and avoided, for the good of all Humanity, and the Will, and the Universe.
I assume this refers to the reason the Wyrm gave for the creation
of the three bloodlines of Hegemons.

The Golden Ascension's collection of strange sayings

We are the grandchildren of the Other by mind if not by blood.

If you call to the Other with a true heart and a mind full of light and clarity, He shall answer.

The Other walked among man long ago, shaping and guiding.

It seems likely that "Other" can be equated with "Angel".

The Other shall return when the time is right and when man is worthy.

The blood which rules and shields is Other by nature.

I assume this refers to the three bloodlines of Hegemons.

The Others pass through a door which we cannot see.

The Other stands alone at the place of beginnings, and the Other stands alone at the place of endings