This is an unofficial list of potential types of "buffs". Some will require a closely related shtick. Others might apply only to the character with that skill or talent. The most common sorts of buffs are listed first.

  • Add To Ally's Skill Sharra uses her engineering skill to assist Sophia in building a nanite containment tube. Sharra's two successes on her engineering roll act as one extra skill point for Sophia.
  • Decrease Ally's Target Numbers Max clarifies the position of a cloaked enemy spaceship and routes the data to Eva's fighter, allowing Eva to roll 8's to hit instead of 9's.
  • Increase Opposition's Target Numbers A friendly Spartan produces a dazzling array of lights, distracting our opponents in a firefight. They now have to roll 8's to hit instead of 7's. Katya hides behind a boulder some distance off, shooting enemies with her blaster. Because she has partial cover, the opponents also need 8's to hit Katya.

The following buffs are special-purpose, exotic or non-existent.

  • Increase the Number of Dice an Ally Rolls Jayla receives Jim's report on the layout of the ambush site, then suggests to Anya that the windows on the east side of the street will be opaque to the bad guys at the time of the ambush. Anya adds five dice to her attack roll against the enemy leader.
  • Increased Range Sophia does something to Anya's blaster that allows her to shoot from the fifth floor window, even though that would normally be too far away from the target.
  • Speed Buff/Debuff Tiercel is so dextrous that he can take one action per turn on the round of his choice.
  • Movement Buffs Maury tweaks Hippocrates' engines, allowing Hippocrates to move one extra hex per turn to outrun the Decider warship. Jim spreads a box of tacks over the mountainside to slow the approach of Hot Caution's hunters.
  • Piloting Skill Each turn, a piloting roll is made. Successes on that roll can be used as fortune dice during that turn.
  • Auxiliary Power Hippocrates takes an action to distribute dice from a pool to his various stats.
  • On my Mark Eva counts to three, then she and Anya both fire at the same turb. This concentrates the damage from the attacks into one big chunk rather than several smaller chunks, preventing the turb from splitting.



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