The Chartreuse Experiment

I've developed a substance that should stave off Kaufman degeneration indefinitely, but we need to test it before use. I currently have three humans and a rat as test subjects (Cassandra, Kith, Shep and Rizzo). Here are some ideas for possible tests:

I chose addictiveness and side effects as good stress tests.

The "addictiveness test" was highly successful (3 out of 3 successes). Chartreuse seems to be exactly as addictive as the Kaufman nanite solution -- there is no apparent psychological addiction (aside from the obvious dependency), but it must be taken to avert Kaufman degeneration at random intervals of approximately one week to one month.

The "side effects" experiment seems to have been hampered by the scarcity of experimental subjects (1 out of 3 successes). I did determine that Chartreuse is best administered as an aerosol, like white, although in an emergency it can be injected directly into the bloodstream (often resulting in fainting). Injection into muscle is not recommended (-1 to pre or str of body). Changing the aerosol for the filler from plain saline to the filler used in white may reduce the tendency to gag when the aerosol is sprayed in the mouth.

For the final stress test, I used Chartreuse on myself to relieve the effects of Kaufman degeneration. At first I was concerned that I'd have to make some changes to the proportions (5 out of 6 successes), but everything turned out fine in the end (spend one point of karma to add one success). I did discover that while Chartreuse will halt the onset of Kaufman degeneration, it does not reverse the damage done by the degredation of Kaufman nanites (although it does relieve some of the symptoms). Use of Chartreuse to treat symptoms of advanced Kaufman degeneration resulted in unconsciousness which was cured by a stay in a Kaufamn tube.

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