The Planet of Creek

The planet of Creek is one of the Outworlds not connected by jumpgate. It is on the route from Rupert's Hole to Crux. It is habitable by humans, but is unpleasantly damp. It was originally settled for its mineral wealth, but the boggy conditions and poisonous flora and fauna made mining prohibitively difficult. At present, its primary contributions to galactic culture are its potent medicinal herbs and its Wisewomen, trained in the arts of psionic healing.

During the unrest surrounding the closure of the Crux - Nonesuch jumpgate, the Hegemony withdrew the bulk of the personnel assigned to govern the newly colonized planet. The remains of the Hegemonic force fostered the localization of government, providing basic disaster relief assistance and little else. They called upon the staff and faculty of the planet's newly formed University for assistance, and when the last of the Hegemonic forces were withdrawn from the planet the University took over their position.

Over time, the University evolved into the well known School of Wisewomen. The School continues to provide medical aid to the people of Creek and is also the main supporter of the planet-wide communications network. The Wisewomen act as mediators and advisors for the local governments. The Wisewomen do not claim to rule the planet, but most governing bodies would rather follow the School's advice than risk the School's withdrawing medical support from their principality. All ambasadors from Creek to the Outworlds and Inworlds come from the School of Wisewomen.

A typical Wisewoman is responsible for the wellbeing of 100 to 500 people in a city or collection of villages. In addition to their healing and peacekeeping duties, they also select candidates from their region to send to the School of Wisewomen. It is considered a great honor to have a daughter or niece sent to the School.

Girls are fostered at the School of Wisewomen starting at the age of 8 and take classes in psionics, healing and diplomacy until they reach age 18. From age 18 to 19, they spend a Journewoman's Year traveling to different locations on Creek, observing the work of local Wisewomen and learning the realities of their trade. At age 19 they are assigned to a post.

Famous Wisewomen