Summary of Sophia Symphony-Hayes' Comparison of
Black, White, and the Kaufman Nanite Solution.

  1. Black is actually very much like the Kaufman Nanite solution; it has multi-function nanites and specialized nanites and chemicals and such. However, in several ways it's more agressive. The Kaufman Nanite solution is not guaranteed to cure Black addiction. Any Kaufman Nanite solution used to treat a person with Black in their system may become contaminated with Black. Note that a sufficent dose of Black might actually cure the Kaufman degeneracy, leaving the person then addicted to Black/White. (Not a method I recommend.)
  2. The duration of a Black high is in many ways like the lifespan of the Kaufman Nanites; it's variable for many of the same technical reasons having to do with nanite interaction with physiology, and it's likely to have the same order of magnitude duration (usually not less than a week, probably not longer than several months).
  3. We can make more of the Kaufman Nanite solution. It's relatively simple given an existing supply of the substance, so from here on out, we're not going to run out of it. It is possible but extremely difficult to make it from scratch.
  4. We have Inspiration for a research project that will create something that can be used to stave off Kaufman degeneracy, in a portable druglike form. Essentially, it would be green-lite, which we could self administer rather than returning to the tubes. No healing properties, just putting a hold on the Kaufman degredation. Sophia Symphony-Hayes has begun a research project with the goal of producing this substance. We have hopes that in the process we will learn more about what is needed to create a final cure.
  5. We do not yet have inspiriation for the Full and Final Cure of Kaufman addiction.

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