Contents of Kith's Medical Bag

    Kith carries this bag with her almost everywhere she goes. She certainly won't leave it further behind than "down the hall" if she can avoid that. When traveling in space she adds a vacuum-proof cover, which is clumsy but effective, and some minimal starship damage control tools.


  • An assortment of items from the Hippocrates' medical locker.
  • Bandages
  • Scissors
  • Assorted knives
  • Tourniquet
  • Poultices
  • Tea bags
  • Collapsible cups
  • Water
  • Sparky Cola
  • Water heater
  • Ice pack
  • Gloves
  • Herbs, including smoking herbs and incense
  • Medicines, including aspirin, penicillin, anti-histamine, topical antibiotic
  • Temporary splint/cast materials
  • Snake bite and allergy treatments
  • Honey
  • 5 Emergency ration bars
  • Stuffed animal
  • Heated blanket
  • Mirror
  • 2 vials relaxation
  • 2 vials deja vu
  • Chartreuse Inhaler

  • Starship repair materials (hammer and duct tape)


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