Modifiers for Die Rolls

This is information about how Kith's healing and inspiration talents work. It may or may not be useful to other players.
What do I have to add to my target number in order to heal at range?
   0: touch
   1: ZOC
   2: room (5 hex)
   3: auditorium (15 hex)
   4: field (100 yards)
   5: 1 mile
   6: 10 miles
   7: 50 miles

What are the effects of n successes on an inspiration roll?

2 successes:  -1  
5 successes:  -2  
9 successes:  -3
14 successes:  -4
20 successes:  -5

How hard is it to inspire multiple targets?

Using Str dice, spend one success to add a target, or +1 difficulty
  (before the roll)  to double the number of targets.

Using Pre dice, +1 difficulty before the roll to add a target.