Second Season Rerun Info

Since the GM's are oddly distracted, I thought I'd set up a clearinghouse for rerun information. Hopefully this will help us share ideas and give them a nice pool of information to work from. If there's anything you'd like to add, email me at or edit this page.

Disclaimer: The information on this page is based on my best understanding of the situation as of May 23. Accuracy is not guaranteed. In particular, some of the runs described may be jokes, not actual runs.

Scheduled runs

Adina, Charles, mikka
Thursday, June 5th. Gith, gith, and more gith.
Eon and Kate and Andrea
Sunday, June 8th.
Drew and Derrick
Saturday, June 21 (1pm)
Jerry and Tom
Friday, June 27
Marleigh, Rob, and Sara
Saturday, June 28 (1pm)
Pete and Brian
Sunday, June 29 (1pm)
Friday, July 4

Proposed runs

Runs labeled "open invitation" have been posted to the Oath list, presumably in search of participants.