Album: Compete
Defense of Linus
Defense of Charybdis
Stubford directs & navigates, Silk operates the stick, Octopus Prime steers, and Oct & Kick work the pedals.
Working the Pedals
Stubford and Octopus Prime, far apart
Close up
Far Apart
(This picture edited with the Pen of Miscellany)
PCs and NPCs
Front stack: Inky and Tenty.
Back stack: Squirt, unregistered octopode, Darwin, Octopus Prime, Octobert
Licence Plate
Three pounds, two artifacts, one sidekick, & one octopus chef.
Side view
(shows the 3 pound marking)
Team sunglases vs team chef. Squirt is judging & one of Oct's sidekick's is acting as ballboy.
Here he is hidden with his family in a comfy spot
Here they are revealed, since they're so hard to see in the first photo
Tako's Strength
Tako shows off his weightlifting skills, octopode-style, balancing on his head while holding up a nicely scaled heavy iron dumbell. It is marked 3 lbs, which number is even more impressive considering that Tako himself only weighs 1.85oz (see additional photo.) So that's almost 26 times his weight!
Tako's Weight
Neither particularly safe nor particularly death-defying, Tako is willing to see what the judges think of his ballistic trajectory in both splits of the ballistic event. Tako got into the athletic spirit after his relay race with Tudo Azul was over, and decided to score a goal, too.
<br>Death-defying split: look ma, no extra protection!
Safe split: he was going to land on either grass, or on that soft padded rubber track material, neither of which would hurt much for a stuffed octopode.
In both cases, he traveled 28 ft 7" from the point where he was launched to the point where he landed, measuring with a measuring tape.
Tako Yaki and Tudo Azul run a relay together, and beat a team of penguins tothe finish line. (As octopode entrants, they are running in lane 8, of course.)
Relay Race
Relay Race
There's a juicy apple in this tree.
And a serpent. (And oh yeah, that was the tree we weren't supposed to eat anything from.)
"Hey Eve, want to taste the apple?"
"Well, I wasn't supposed to." ... "Sure, Yum!"
"Adam, you should have some too!"
Oops, now we know about Good. And Evil. (Like that Evil Vizier!) Time to get out of the garden!
the cast of characte..ree, Serpent, Apple.
Tako and Tudo, Far Apart
Tako Yaki (at the starting mark) and Tudo Azul (in friendly human's arms, at the finish line) stand 100m apart in the same photo. (If you zoom in on the human you will see Tudo in his arms.)
Far Apart
The 2nd photo just shows that the finish line (100 m away from the 100m starting mark) is in fact where they're standing.
After an unfortunate accident, Tako Yaki shows Tudo Azul how to (re)assemble an Apple Puzzle.

"The first rule of intelligent tinkering is to save all the pieces. The second rule is to *find* all the pieces. Good thing we octopodes know a thing or two about camouflage..."

Strong Tudo
Toodles bears the weight of a Stoneware Mug Bigger Than Your Head on his head.
Handlebars? Bell? Steering? ...?
Balance? Squished? Tall? ...?
Light? Shadow? [Tudo Azul nods encouragingly at "Light." Tako Yaki looks back at the other pictures] ah, Headlight!
Tako Yaki guesses
Famous Friend
Argonautia is helping his good friend Levi repair one of his bikes.
Famous Friend
Argonautia is also pictured hanging out on Levi's Olympic bikes. He has been invited to go to Beijing to help give massage therapy to the athletes, but is not sure whether he can accept this great opportunity as it may make it harder to compete in some of the more local contests...
Campaign Poster
The Octopod of Allergen Doom was greatly distressed to hear how his campaign poster traumatized the wise but frail judge. In keeping with his policy of kindness to all creatures, he has revised his entry.
Nine thumbs up for Sneezy!
Altitude I
This stunt kite makes scary whooshing noises when it dive bombs the crowd. Also, it was very exciting when a string broke and the kite wrapped itself around a flag pole. Perhaps duct taping an octopod to the stunt kite was outside of its safety parameters.
Sneezy's Kite Pilot
Sneezy organized an Octopus Toss for his human-pet's 40th birthday. Several different tossing techniques were tried, culminating in Ian's 90' 5.5" toss; for this toss, Sneezy threaded his legs through the strings of a small racket.

During this event Sneezy was imperilled by sand, seaweed, seashells, crabs, minnows, wild roses, and poison ivy.

Famous Friend
Steve Balzac is the founder of the MIT Assassins' Guild and the Society for Interactive Literature, two of the first live action roleplaying organizations. Also he's done some other stuff.
The Sydney opera house is a wonder of architectural innovation and achievement. It pioneered a new method of building and remains one of the most distinctive buildings in the world. It was ranked in the top 20 finalists for the Seven Wonders of the World competition in 2007, thus proving that it is at the very least better than all but 19 other things. Plus, it draws its inspiration from the design of a series of interlaced seashells, with a roof that gleams and shines like the inside of a particularly beautiful oyster shell (see supporting photo). This homage to the sea tugs at the heart of all creatures that make the sea their home.

Not to mention, it is especially beautiful in the early morning sun, as seen across the harbor.

Detail of Opera House
In the Sydney Zoo, there are giraffes. Now, I know giraffes aren't Australian, but there aren't that many large Australian animals. Apparently there used to be some giant wombats, but not anymore.

Anyway, so, Octomus made friends with a couple of fellow travelers - a pair of friendly (but hungry) giraffes visiting from Africa. You can see the Sydney skyline in the background. Giraffes are rather large vertebrates, and in fact, are the tallest vertebrates. (We were on a platform.) They can also weigh up to 3,800 lbs, though I didn't ask these how much they weighed or how heavy they were. They were eating, though, which means they were getting heavier the

Octomus is swimming over to play with some of the other fishes. (Octomus discovered that while underwater it was best to keep humans on a leash, lest they drift off in the current or accidentally run into things. Other octopodes who plan to keep their human pets long-term should keep this in mind.)
we see the the entrance to the reef hotel where Octomus stayed.
Far Apart
Octomus checks up on the situation back home in Somerville while vacationing in the lush Green Island, off the coast of Australia. Tudo Azul has been watching over the city while Octomus is gone. Distance: 9637 miles.
Far Apart
Octomus talks to Ultros and Cephy. Octomus misses its family. Distance: 7165 miles.
Far Away
Octomus poses next to the iconic Ayers Rock (Uluru). Its natural beauty and stark contrasts are approximately 10,726 ft miles from home (Somerville, MA).

Octomus has never seen any rock so beautiful.

(Supporting photos: gmap pedometer calculation and photo in the Ayers Rock Resort.)

Distance to Ayers Rock
Ayers Rock
On a flight from Sydney to San Francisco, Octomus reaches 39,000 ft.
Octopus Prime is a budding cartoonist, proficient in using inks in a wide variety of colors...
License Plate
Perky with a 1941 license plate from Massachusetts 258353xz
Meta Misc
Some cuter pets (Argonautia is fostering these two kittens for the Humane Society). Argonautia hopes that Judge Jerry is judging this contest
Cutest Pets
Octobert's Poker Hand
Octobert has five 3's.
Octobert Far Away
Octobert went 9263.1 miles to Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia.
The Bridge at Khazad-Dum
Octobert and Tudo Azul are twins, 3906.3 miles apart.
Perky's Chandelier
Perky's Chandelier
Big Vertebrate
Argonautia's very large friends- a whole herd of African Elephants- at the PAWS (performing animal welfare society) Sanctuary. Maggie is his special buddy. She is directly behind him in the photograph. Maggie is a famous friend as well- she is well known in the animal welfare circles, due to her well publicized plight in chilly Alaska, and her recent move to CA to meet her first elephants since she was a baby.
Akira Poker Dollar
Akira has four sevens and a ten.
Akira Having Fun
Akira imbibes at the Weinfest in Kitzingen, Germany.
Far Away
Akira visits Kitzingen, Germany, 5765 miles from home. We gratefully acknowledge That Wes Guy and Herr Thomas Most for tour guidance.
New Bubble Score
New Chandelier
Ink Self-portrait
A self portrait inked by his own tentacle (and a chicken feather, since alas, he lost the pen of miscellany).
Argonautia's Ink
Here is Argonautia with a cup of his own fresh ink.
Fisher at 23520 East 78th Avenue, Denver
Fisher enjoying the view from a crystal chandelier
Fisher on the summit of Mount Evans, 14258 feet above sea level (although Wikipedia claims 14264 ft:
Fisher makes a connection to a rainbow projection
Fisher and a friend enjoy an afternoon of paleontology
Fisher riding a starfish (the trusty aquatic steed) through a pass between two pieces of coral
Mount Vesuvius
Fisher with a piece of volcanic lava from Mount Vesuvius (
Far Away
Fisher sitting on the Rock of Gibraltar
Meta Miscellany
"O is for Octopus": Take a picture of your octopus with the largest example of the first letter of its name you can find.
Bimaculoides enjoys the Eiffel Tower.
According to, the distance between Toronto and Paris is 6015 kilometers or 3737 miles.
Doing Good, 2
Perky using her MIND CONTROL POWERS to get someone to work on an oyster float containing a thousand oysters being grown to clean the water of the Chesapeake Bay. One 3-inch oyster can filter about 50 gallons of water a day. Thus Perky's 1000 oyster friends are filtering 50000 gallons of water a day. Perky has supervised the members of the Coastal Conservation Association as they have placed 200 oyster spat into sacks and placed 5 sacks into each float. Perky drives her boat over to check the floats each day to make certain crabs do not get in and eat the oysters. She now has to check 31 floats on St Thomas creek- that is 31000 oysters which when full grown will be filtering 1,550,000 gallons of water.
Argo and Perky:
Twins With Horses!
Egalitarian Thingy
Ultros with a playground friend, Octomus! As you may recall, Octomus is famous for his imposing stature
Ultros Scrabble
Ultros thought this was going to be an elusive "PIZZAZZZ" in the wild and was disappointed to realize that the internet had misled him. However, since this is the not-so-strict category, perhaps the exclamation point might be worth extra points?
Ultros and Tiger
Ultros shares a nap with his new friend, a white tiger. "These animals can grow to a length of 5 to 9 feet long, excluding their 25 to 38 inch tail and weigh 350 to 550 pounds."[1] (Average: 7 feet + 31" tail, 450 lb)
Tiger Size
Perky demonstrates her proficiency with ink by writing with her ink about octopus ink
Time for my daily swim!
Ah perfect temperature this evening
It feels so good to stretch these tentacles
soooooo glad my home is so close to a tidal river with oysters, crabs, striped bass, spot, blue gill, ...
Perky's Chandelier
Sometimes Sneezy makes his own wrapping paper using ink and rubber stamps.
Doing Good
Perky on an oyster float containing a thousand oysters being grown to clean the water of the Chesapeake Bay. One 3-inch oyster can filter about 50 gallons of water a day. Thus Perky's 1000 oyster friends are filtering 50000 gallons of water a day. Perky has supervised the members of the Coastal Conservation Association as they have placed 200 oyster spat into sacks and placed 5 sacks into each float. Perky drives her boat over to check the floats each day to make certain crabs do not get in and eat the oysters. She now has to check 31 floats on St Thomas creek- that is 31000 oysters which when full grown will be filtering 1,550,000 gallons of water.
12 lights and a sand dollar motif
Campaign Poster
The Octopod of Allergen Doom is a benign ruler.
Sneezy's friend Netherspite has a very nice chandelier.
Octopus Prime and Otto
Silk, Octopus Prime,..unregistered octopus
Three Stack
Silk, unregistered octopus, and Octopus Prime
Octopus Prime in Chandelier
Octopus Prime and Friend
Poker Money
5 2s
Master of Eight
Octopus Prime and his eight loyal knights
Egalitarian Thingy
Paper star
Eight 8s
Octopus prime has many rainbow connections
Close Up
Meta-Miscellany: Weather.
Submit a picture of your octopus with the best weather. Tudo Azul is Lord Of Storms.
Egalitarian Thingy
Toodles poses with an Ancient and Honorable Manhole Cover of Prague
Poker Money
Full House: 9s and 8s.
New Poker Hand
So it is just 5 cards/numbers out of the 8? Argonautia roots through the zillions of ones in the egg sales cash box and comes up with a set of 4 9's with an 8, plus I think this is a straight flush (4), 5,6,7,8,9 (all in the suit of green).
Argonautia's Best Thingy
Sneezy's Thingy
Perky's Best Thing
This is THE BEST THING on Wikipedia :-)
Fisher hobnobbing with other royalty: Yaz, who wears the American League Triple Crown and has done so since 1967. Further information:
Sneezy's Poker Money
Sneezy understands that 0's are high in this game but is not sure whether a straight beats a full house. Here are his two best bills:

Straight: 6, 7, 8, 9, 0
Full House: 0, 0, 0, 1, 1

Famous Friend
Fisher and Yaz
Sports (technically not entered)
Fisher playing baseball with his good friend Yaz
Fisher sitting on the head of famous baseball player Carl Yastrzemski.
Fisher enjoying himself by balancing on the heel of his good friend Carl Yastrzemski (aka Yaz)
Master of Eight
Master Fisher giving batting instruction to one of the most famous Eights of all time, Yaz. He wore the number 8 for his entire 23 year Hall of Fame career, and the Red Sox have retired the number 8 in his honor
Fisher with Carl Yastrzemski, son of Polish immigrants Carl Yastrzemski, Sr. and Hattie Skonieczny, who called Yaz "Queposky" from an early age, the diminutive form of his Polish middle name, Poskovic
Fisher fighting alongside his comrade-in-arms Yaz, against the Evil Empire of the Hated Yankees.
Meta Misc
Fisher enters himself in "Octopurposed Octopictures", the meta-contest to enter eight contests with eight different pictures of fundamentally the same thing. (Further information:
Argonautia's Poker Hand
we don't actually know how to play poker, but we do know groups of matching numbers is generally a good thing.
Sneezy at Altitude
One of Sneezy's friends in Worchester took him to Green Hill Park. He thinks the top of the hill is almost 800 feet above sea level!
Green Hill Park
Green Hill Park
Sharper Version
(showing the pen more clearly)
Silk as Jack the Ripper
Most Stylish
Silky, in a stylish top hat
Silk & Octopus Prime
Far Apart: Silk and Octopus Prime across a couple of rooms. Pacing it off makes it to be 25 feet away.
Sneezy presents this small but intricate example of a queposky for the judge's perusal.
The Octopod of Allergen Doom has befriended a hefty vertebrate!
Mmm pasta for dinner. 9 eights.
Glamorous Argonautia
Thirty-three years on the night shift stuffing envelopes all alone. I can't go on performing this tedious, boring, depressing function. I am so weary, so mired in ennui.
Otto, Blotto
Even alcohol can't assuage the ennui
Otto in Las Vegas
Otto's Pedigree
Otto sits on his magnificent throne
Otto's Knight
Otto's Mage
Otto's Jester
Otto's Castle
Otto's Friend
Otto hangs out with Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The Gathering, among other things.
Tako Entering
Tako rides in a hard-to-get-into space - 3 CD cases tall and a little more than one wide - on his way home from a fun weekend of camping.
Tako Having Fun
Tako participates in making some ice cream using liquid nitrogen. Dramatic science *and* yummy ice cream in one is definitely fun.
Tako's Rainbow
Tako gets stuck in traffic on his way to the rainbow connection up in front of him on the Mass Pike. Fortunately, he also brings his own rainbow everywhere he goes (the rainbow colored bits around his neck.)
Good Tako Yaki
Tako pitched in at a large camping trip to cook enough beans for 200 hungry people, because he is good and helpful.
Now that we know the judge is partial to shiny metallic and reflective items.... we present this new true queposky. An octopus impression in shiny metallic reflective balls- AKA Exploratorium.
Popular Argo
18 people, many double thumbs, Isabelle was grumpy and abstains. Amelia makes up for it with a double. 17 People with thumbs up.
Largest mammal!
Whale bones
check out the size of those finger (flipper) bones!!!
1834 nickel (US)
Argo's Maze
Argonautia and Little Tremo cooperate (and reminisce) in playing the rolling ball maze of their octopochildhood.
Nana's Costume
Nanapod aka "Perky" has spent a lot of time recently getting to know the birds of prey in the neighborhood- their ability to fly, talons and beaks will likely be helpful to the octopodes in any of our future plans. One of her Osprey cronies has taught her some new techniques for home building and disguise- which at this time we will call a costume.
Osprey Original
Rainbow Connections
Sneezy's connections to this rainbow flag are Purple Bungee Cords!
Nana Hunting
"Lulled into a false sense of security. The prey has no sense of her impeding doom"
Nana Hunted
"Enough meat for all winter"
Nana's Vertebrate
"Here is some nice hay, Cody"
Making Friends
"Here is a nice carrot, Cody"
Making Friends
"As soon as he finishes his hay we can go for a walk."
Octobert as King
Octobert's Video Game
Popular Nana!
About 50 people and thumbs
Ultros' Vertebrate
Ultros and Cephy enjoy tea with a human. According to Wikipedia, "the average height of an adult human is about 1.5 to 1.8 m (5 to 6 feet) tall."
Ultros and Cephy pos..ext to a 1968 penny.
Ultros and Cephy sit..avourite chandelier.
Ultros enters a crowded bookshelf
Ultros + Octopus At Altitude
Ultros cruises at ~36,000 ft + 5'1".
Ultros Cooking
Ultros makes lots of cupcakes out of flour, cream cheese, chocolate, and love.
Whee, ennui on We* on a Wii.
Ultros's 8s (10)
Close up of the 8s
7 8s
4 8s
4798 points
Tudo Azul at Altitude
Thumbs Up for Toodles
Lennon Wall
Darwin, Thumbs-Up
(nine people of thumbs)
Argo and Gradie
Argo and Gradie
Action shot!
Argonautia's Prism
Argonautia's Rainbow
Here is a better rainbow photo(s). Argonautia realized that he was being a hypocrite in submitting a photo of a picture of a thing. Here is a real rainbow made with a nice prism. Rainbows don't photograph well, you will have to take his word for it that it was very pretty.
Argonautia's Rainbow
Argonautia's Rainbow
Tentaculus' Rainbow Connections
Argo and Nanapod
Far Apart
Point 1
Nanapod held down by the boat carpet- it was a very windy day on the dock!
Point 2
(Point 1 in distance)
The tape measure was only 25 feet long, I measured from Argonautia to Nanapod, 24 feet at a time, 7 times!
188 total
I arrived at Nanapod at 20 more feet for a total of 188 feet.
The Octopod of Allergen Doom on the Throne of the Robot Dinosaurs
Perky's New Address
Argonautia and Dime
Argonautia and Rainbow
Argonautia and Rainbow
Multiple entries!
Here is layZ stealthily lulling a five-year-old who got up WAY too early this morning into a sanity restoring nap. My sanity, that is, as well as that of big brother who enjoyed almost 40 minutes of solo playtime (which allows him to read without being sat upon by an impatient younger brother.)

Blending into the hammock is a crucial skill for this task though, as five year olds are usually able to fight off naps, no matter how desperate/homicidal those around them might be. In fact I didn't pull the hammock back very far to capture this picture - since I didn't want to undo all layZ's hard work by getting too much sun into Ian's face.

layZ in Stuttgart
layZ in Antwerp
Sneezy Enters Again
The judge didn't like the head-in-a-wineglass trick, and this is a much better photo anyway!
Sneezy's Fun
In his free time, Sneezy takes digital photos of his human dolls as part of a game he's in.
Sneezy Entering
Sneezy is a plus sized octopus, but is clearly quite comfortable in this enclosed space.
Argonautia and Vertebrate
Befriending a 94lb Doberman (I know it looks like a direwolf, but it isn't)
Silk and Vertebrate
Silk being friendly with a vertebrate... me!!!

(Said vertebrate being nigh-6 feet tall.)

Silk Entering
Silk in the mail slot, entering the house!
Ultros at Altitude
Ultros had the pleasure of joining some friends on a recent climbing adventure up Mount St. Helens (elevation: 8365 ft). With the fearlessness of a king, he poses on the crater rim.

Image courtesy of Tiffany Berry under CC (A-NC-SA) 2.0 license.

Argo and Tremo
in Hollywood, MD
Tentaculus and Chandelier
Silk on Chandelier
Vote Octopus Prime!
1870 coin?
Page 2073
Octopus Prime's Fun
What could be more fun than riding around on a cute little sportscar!
Ballistic II Start
Ballistic II End
Scoffing at danger, Octopus Prime flies across two rooms in his cape and sunglasses, landing on his feet. Total distance, 18'5". (I only have a ten foot tape measure, so I didn't think pictures of it would be that interesting.)
Octopus Prime's Chandelier
The lovely bronze tones of this antique picks up the colors of the room.
Tako's Coin
Tako has an Austro-Hungarian coin minted in 1915.
Front side
1921 Coin
Akira with a 1921 German 5 pfennig coin (and two coins from the 30s to keep it company)
1921 coin
Seated Liberty Dime
1853 Liberty Dime
1848 large penny
(With apologies to the great Tudo Azul)
Orly's Mazing
Orly visited Luray Caverns last weekend, and couldn't resist exploring The Garden Maze ( ), an 8 foot tall hedge maze.
Eight Octopodes in Stack
From the top down: Linus, Tudo Azul, Gertrude Gardener, Clone IV, MC (sidekick), emarcus' octopus, Greenie (sidekick), and Orly. Also featured is the Crown Of Power. If you zoom in on the top, you see the stack measures 26.5"
26.5 inches!
Tentaculus' Fun
Tentaculus and friends have some wine and cheese to celebrate the return of travellers.
Darwin counsels pentapodal inmates at the Seattle Aquarium.
Darwin hiking
Darwin enjoys hiking in the Cascades! Fresh mountain air and great views everywhere.
Popular Darwin
Indian Head
Perspicacious Nanaoctopacious teaching Argo and Little Tremo all about California's native wildlife, at the Fairborn Osborne Preserve.....
38618 feet
Octopus Prime uses his powers of precognition and retrocognition to thwart both alien and human bad guys, (Look, a critical success!)
26 points for "Quinzani"
Octopus Prime, Master Chef
Octopus Prime would like to point out that he is a somewhat larger crocheted octopus than some of his friends. (For reference)
Head Sitting Redux
Octopus Prime, Maze Master
Octopus Prime reads about mazes, solves mazes, makes mazes for Squirt to solves, and visits mazes. (Strangely, the book that Tentaculus purports to have authored came from the library with a different author entirely...)
Safe Ballistic
Safety Pod
Safety Pod
15 feet
1947 penny
The Octopod of Allergen Doom proposes the contest "Pack Rat".

To illustrate his superiority in this category he displays selected items from his collection: a gold diaper pin from 1968, a matchbox car from 1976, a monopoly house dating from the 1970's, a sparkly ball similar to one purchased in the mid-70's, a striped rock, six glass beads used to demonstrate conservation of momentum in a 1986 physics recitation section, assorted buttons from the late 80's and early 90's, a Tick pog from the early 90's, two go stones obtained in the mid-90's, and a eucalyptus seed with 5-fold reflective symmetry collected in June of 2006.

The Octopod of Allergen Doom brings joy to a little old lady on her ninety-ninth birthday.
While visiting his rhinoceros friends, Sneezy spotted this lucky address number.
1921 Dollars
Sneezy has five Morgan dollar coins, minted in 1921.
Penny from 1941
Tentaculus's Penny
Argonautia and Nanopus
42 feet apart
Teaching a Non-Octopus
Akira instructs a cat in camouflage. Lesson one: choose the right background.
Vote for Tentaculus!
Tentaculus in Art
Octopus Prime's Queposky
Ocotopus Prime has been informed that a proper queposky is shiny and/or reflective, therefore he submits this lovely crystalline orb filled with delicate shiny crystals.
Argonautia and Pikapo
Octopus with the cutest pet. Here octopus poses with "pikapo" his 4 week old puppy.
Argo and Little Tremo
Here is Argonautia and Little Tremo at the beach in the REAL ocean. He checks out the water and some REAL sea weed, goes for a swim, and dries off on his personal tote afterwards. He scoffs at those Octopodes pictured in fresh water, knowing there is no such thing as a true fresh water octopus. An octopus in fresh water faces not a relaxing swim, but a slow agonizing death....
Aquatic Argonautia
Aquatic Argonautia
Aquatic Argonautia
Aquatic Argonautia
Aquatic Argonautia
Argonautia and Tentaculus
Far Apart, recursively!
Argonautia goes to the beach for a day of fun, stopping on the way at a kites and salt water taffy shop. Doesn't salt water taffy make you think of summer fun and being a kid again?
More Fun
Argonautia's porters (minions) pose with him in front of the kites and taffy shop
Far Apart
Darwin and Octopus Prime two whole hexes apart!
Nanaoctopacious at Altitude
on Jet Blue flight from Washington Dulles to Oakland Ca 4 June 2008 over the Rockies
Carl is displeased with the exchange rate
Carl thinks they sho..ave left David alone
Carl is horrified
Carl has to wait too long for lunch
They made Carl's noodles too spicy
Oh year, and he hates it that we call him Carl.
Silk Having Fun
Silk Having Fun
Drinking champagne with strawberries
Silk having More Fun
Drinking from the bottle!
Silk having Too Much Fun
Swinging from the chandelier!
Popular Tentaculus
Fifteen thumbs plus some duplicates.
Tentaculus Does Good
Tentaculus works at the Call Center, using his powers of AFS sysadmin bits and Kerberos bits to help users with their computer woes.
Tentaculus at Work
Tudo Azul increases the amount of Good in the universe by producing quanta of concentrated Goodness: strawberries!
Tudo Azul
as Zebra, for Charades
Zebra, take two
Gertrude Guesses
Teaching Octaves
Tudo Azul and Orly give a lesson on octaves.

Left to right on the keyboard:
three sidekicks, Clone IV (+crown), emarcus' octopus (octobert), Gertrude Gardener, MC, Greenie, and Linus.

Perspicacious Nanaoctopacious
Partway into ballistic suit
In ballistic suit, in potato gun
Spotter in the field
First attempt:
77 feet
More spotters
Landing site
Landing Site
Nano with Potato
100 feet here, have to restart the tape measure
Launch of Nanaoctopacious
Argo the Recycler
OH NO! Someone has thrown recyclables into the GARBAGE! Contributing to the defilement of our good mother earth, clomping around with big carbon footprints, filling the landfills & keeping good aluminum out of the recycling stream. How terrible! Here Argonautia goes dumpster diving, finding 3 Friskies cans and putting them in the recycling bin. What a good citizen he is, triumphing over the evil non recycler- at least temporarily. Next he will attempt to reach and teach the non recycler how to change their habits for the better of the world.
Argo the Recycler
Argo & Nana, Popular
Argo and Nano at a table of good friends. 14 visible thumbs, one of which is a cat. Judge can add if they wish, Lew's thumb which is buried in cat fur and Jana in the salmon shirt who's thumb is hidden behind Sal in the cap for a total of 16. I did not count the double thumbs of Paul.
Tudo's Fun
Tudo Azul enjoys a bike ride by the ocean on a breezy late-spring morning.
Argo on Ladder
The stairs are prepped to be as death-defying as possible
Test run
Ood tests out the danger
Tentaculus Flies
Final Landing
Little Miss Muffet
Nanopod and Argo read Mother Goose.
Argo and Nana
in... Little Miss Muffet
Argonautia guesses Beanbag
Acting out Beanbag
Nanaoctopacious guesses Ladder
Charades for Ladder
Argonautia Entering
Orly's Queposky
Queposky translates to "I fit in the sky" in Spanglish (quepo = I fit).
Here, Orly shows just how well she does fit in the sky. She says,"Queposky muy bien, dontcha think?"
Nana in SC
Perspicacious Nanaoctopacious in Santa Cruz, 2930 miles from home
Google maps driving distance 2930
Orly and Vera Rubin
Here is Orly with Dr. Vera Rubin, the discoverer of dark matter. Most of the matter in the universe is dark matter, so its discoverer is a person to reckon with!
Street Address
Same street as Akira's, but not as far along.... but look at all of those big numbers next to each other!
Octopus Prime Popularity
Six thumbs up.
Darwin enjoys playing arcade games on XBoxLive. Feel free to friend him. His gamertag is OctopodeDarwin. (Score: 16,192,189).
Stubford guesses Nailfile (correct)
(With some help from his human pet)
Tudo Azul
One person loves Tudo!
Darwin guesses Souvenir
Orly in Camo
...In Bogota
Page Number 2927
The Angry Cook
An Angry Octopus Is Me runs a soup kitchen for the many octopodes within the purview of his great mercy.
Master of Eight
Suspended in an octahedron of his own design and engineering, An Angry Octopus Is Me contemplates the mysteries of the number 8. For lo, planes and angles divide and subdivide into 8 smaller octahedrons, at the center of which is found the octopode himself.
Angry Octopus
An Angry Octopus Is Me sealed in a glass jar.
Angry Octopus
Resplendent in purple and gold, trident in hand, An Angry Octopus Is Me reviews his troops in eight-square formation, accompanied by the great Beast he has tamed to show his might and mercy, pursuant to lessons learned from the great work *The Prince* by the human Machiavelli.

A self-sufficient prince is one who can meet any enemy on the battlefield. A prince that relies solely on fortifications or on the help of others and stands on the defensive is not self-sufficient. Rather than rely on mercenary or auxiliary forces, An Angry Octopus Is Me alone commands an army composed entirely of fellow-citizen octopodes.

Angry Octopus
According to Machiavelli, the two most essential foundations for any state, whether old or new, are sound laws and strong military forces. Additional evidence shows An Angry Octopus Is Me studying such matters.
Angry Octopus
Angry Octopus
Sitting, Start
Sitting, End
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