The tyranny of Ghoras, lich-king of Tzalin, has come to a mysterious end. In the last century of his thousand-year reign, Ghoras' conquests had nearly realized his mad vision. an Empire to span the Six Thrones of the Six Gods. But then, as the expanding psychic shock of his death claimed each of his bile-wormed vassals in turn, the face of the Empire was irrevocably changed:

In the kingdom of Kerrak, the rebellious Prince Ekot has returned from exile, to take his throne unchallenged.

In the Northeast, the war-states of the Isles of Verne return to their ancient feuds, their tenuous unity under Ghoras having dissolved. Shagras, the Red Lady, laughs approvingly.

The Duke of Regros retains his post, having somehow survived the fate of his bile-wormed peers.

Hecaia, the vociferous priestess of Anz, begins her anticipated diatribe against the minions of Geskekulud, she proclaims that the Seethe of Madness is resposible for the dissolution of Order. Somewhere near Geskekulud's throne, an angry voice plots revenge.

For the trappers in the Nonnig Forest, business thrives unlike ever before, as the normal channels of communication break down.

And in Tzalmir, the very center of the universe, the Archmagus reasserts his control of the day-to-day affairs of the city. The automaton guards protect a vacant throne. All that remain of the lich-king are a jeweled crown and a few shattered bones.

Tzalmir is an open-ended fantasy role-playing game for about 15 players, to be run by Laura Baldwin and Mahk LeBlanc some time soon. (Well, that's what it said when we started. Now it's up to about thirty, off and on). The game will not be organized into discrete game ``sessions,'' but will be run when individual players and GM's have time. Plotting and scheming away from the GM's will be encouraged. Tzalmir will strive to combine the complex plots of a many-player ``live'' game with the game-mechanical flexibility of a ``sit-down'' game.

Tzalmir will be played on a grand scale in space, time and power. Player-characters will be able to lead huge armies in to epic battles, perform magical rituals to change the face of the earth, and request audiences with the Gods themselves.

To play in Tzalmir, let one of the GM's know ( or, and we'll gladly help you develop your character idea. Feel free to ask us questions about our world, our scenario or our rules.