Timeline and History of the World

  God      True  Acadian  Empire 
Time Year Year Year
0 Creation of the World and Begin-
ning of Time

~623 First Men created, beginning of
Age of Man

~624 City of Tzalmir founded

~629 0 First Tzalin bound to his doom
~650 21 Founding of Ring Kingdoms

~1000 371 Settlement of Outer Lands
1231 602 Brijghalod, hero of Geskekelud,
overturns Mt. Vio, creating the
"upside down mountain"

1568 939 Tiron becomes the first Herald to
King Radwin "the Wise"

1610-1625 981-996 Exploits of Gwilym (sails to
Gates of Paradise, visits Kings
under the Land, Sea, & Sky, dis-
covers the Blue Tower)

1804 1175 Nonnigs discovered

1832 1203 Hengmir is the last of the Ring
Kingdoms to declare itself inde-
pendent of Tzalin

1914 1285 Vendilon invaded by men from
"across the Sea of Storms."

2036 1407 the first of the Wars of Ambition
is begun, between Ald and Rhi

2042 1413 most of the City of Tzalmir is
burned; most of the Library is
saved through the efforts of the
Curator and other Librarians

2195 1566 0 Cirenas of Asaen calls down a
miracle and forges the Accord,
ending the Wars of Ambition

2502 1873 307 Ithyra, Aris, and Pavane all break
the Accord simultaneously, be-
ginning the Three Years' War

2505 1876 310 End of the Three Years' War

3017 2388 822 0 Ghoras takes Tzalmir, kills the
Tzalins and much of the court

3106 2477 911 89 Ghoras takes the last of the Ring
Kingdoms and declares himself
Emperor of the Eternal Empire

3997 3368 1802 980 the Justiciars purge Zothlin

4017 3388 1822 1000 Death of Ghoras and collapse of
the "Eternal" Empire