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Books By and About MIT

Here at the MIT Press Bookstore, in addition to stocking the complete MIT Press catalog, we carry many books written by MIT-affiliated authors, and all of the books that we can find about the Institute itself.

Below you will see just a sampling of what we have to offer. Please stop by the store to see our complete collection or email us regarding specific titles.

New in 2010
book cover of Ellerman, "Pricing Carbon"

A. Denny Ellerman, et al.
Pricing Carbon
The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme
Ellerman and a team of international experts provide the first detailed analysis of the world’s largest market for carbon.
Cambridge University Press, March 2010

book cover of Wang, "Brand New China"

Jing Wang
Advertising, Media, and Commercial Culture
Jing Wang offers a unique insider’s perspective on the advertising and marketing culture of China as that nation expands into the global economy.
Harvard University Press, March 2010

book cover of "Mahajan, "Street Fighting Mathematics"

Sanjoy Mahajan
The Art of Educated Guessing and Opportunistic Problem Solving
An antidote to mathematical rigor mortis, teaching how to guess answers without needing a proof or an exact calculation.
The MIT Press, March 2010

book cover of Richards, "Uttering Trees

Norvin Richards
Uttering Trees
Drawing extensively on linguistic data from a variety of languages, Richards makes two new proposals about the relationship between syntax and phonology.
The MIT Press, February 2010

book cover image

Krzysztof Wodiczko
A comprehensive survey of Wodiczko's work, published in conjunction with the exhibition of his "Guests" projection at the 53rd Venice Art Biennale in 2009.
Charta, February 2010

book cover image

William J. Mitchell, Christopher E. Borroni-Bird and Lawrence D. Burns
Reinventing the Automobile
Personal Urban Mobility for the 21st Century
How to leave behind our unwieldy, gas-guzzling, carbon dioxide-emitting vehicles for cars that are green, smart, connected, and fun.
The MIT Press, February 2010

book cover image

Mya Poe, Neal Lerner, and Jennifer Craig
Foreword by James Paradis

Learning to Communicate in Science and Engineering
Case Studies from MIT
Case studies and pedagogical strategies to help science and engineering students improve their writing and speaking skills while developing professional identities.
The MIT Press, February 2010

book cover image

Joe Haldeman
This new novel picks up after the events of the award-winning "Marsbound" as the human race tries forge a truce with a powerful race known as "The Others."
Ace Books, January 2010

book cover image

Noam Chomsky
edited by Jean Bricmont & Julie Franck

Chomsky Notebook
An anthology of essays analyzing the range of Chomsky's thought from linguistics and philosophy of mind to political theory and practice.
Columbia University Press, January 2010

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