77 Massachusetts Avenue, Building 16 Room 429, Cambridge, MA 02139
  Telephone (617) 253-0805 | Facsimile (617) 253-2400 |
e-mail: bpec-www@mit.edu

The Faculty

Linda G. Griffth, Director
MIT Biological Engineering Division; MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering

Douglas Lauffenburger Executive Director of Development
MIT Biological Engineering Division; MIT Department of Chemical Engineering; MIT Department of Biology; Center for Biomedical Engineering; Center for Cancer Research

Photograph of MIT

George Q. Daley
Harvard Medical School

Darrell Irvine
Karl Van Tassel Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, and Biological Engineering

Alexander M. Klibanov
MIT Department of Chemistry; MIT Biological Engineering Division

Robert S. Langer
MIT Department of Chemical Engineering; MIT Biological Engineering Division; MIT/HMS Division of Health Sciences & Technology

Harvey Lodish
Professor of Biology, MIT
Professor of Bioengineering, MIT

Leona D. Samson
Center for Environmental Health Sciences; MIT Biological Engineering Division

Jack R. Wands
Brown University Medical School Division of Gastroenterology Liver Research Center

Forest White
Assistant Professor of Biological Engineering

K. Dane Wittrup
MIT Department of Chemical Engineering

Peter W. Zandstra
University of Toronto, Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering

Shuguang Zhang
MIT Center for Biomedical Engineering

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