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Black Performance Theory 2004:
Contingent Geographies of Blackness

BPT 2004 met at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 9-11 April. The event was sponsored by the Faculty of Color Initiative Fund of the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota, the University of Minnesota Theatre Arts and Dance Department, and the Music and Theater Arts Department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ananya Chatterjea graciously hosted the event.

2004 Participants Included:

Awam Amkpa
Associate Professor, New York University
Annemarie Bean
Assistant Professor, Williams College
Jennifer Brody
Associate Professor, Northwestern University
Ananya Chatterjea
Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
Thomas F. DeFrantz
Associate Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nadine George-Graves
Associate Professor, University of California, San Diego
Anita Gonzalez
Associate Professor, SUNY New Paltz
Richard C. Green III
Assistant Chair, Parsons School of Design
John Jackson Jr.
Associate Professor, Duke University
E. Patrick Johnson
Associate Professor, Northwestern University
Jason King
Associate Chair, New York University
Marya Annette Mcquirter
Independent Scholar
Tavia Nyong'o
Assistant Professor, New York University
Anna Scott
Assistant Professor, University of California, Riverside
Hershini Bhana Young
Assistant Professor, SUNY Buffalo
Melissa Blanco
Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Riverside
Margit Edwards
MFA Candidate, UCLA
Raquel Monroe
Doctoral Candidate, UCLA
Carl Paris
Doctoral Candidate, Temple University
Conference Support and Logistics were graciously provided by Maggie Bergeron.

READINGS for the event were drawn from bell hooks Art On My Mind: Visual Politics (New Press: 1995)