The Bible in 11 Months

Passages to Read

Doug Jacoby put together a program for the leadership of the London Church of Christ to read the Bible all the way through in one year. He provided a list of books for January through November, leaving December as a catch-up month.

I am taking this list of books and dividing it into daily studies to facilitate pacing myself through reading the Bible in 1996. I hope others can benefit as well. I'm trying to follow principles Doug gave at a talk at the Boston Park Plaza in November 1995:

Scriptures to remember

With each day's study, I want to take away one useful scripture whose reference I can remember. The idea is not to memorize the scriptures word-for-word (more than 300 of them!) in any particular translation, but just to remember the gist of the words and the specific reference, so that I can turn there without having to hunt around.

For each month, I will put together a quiz on these scriptures. It will consist of fifteen questions each worth seven points. The scoring is meant to measure how quickly you could find a verse.

If the scripture is 2 Peter 1:20-21 you get full credit for 2 Peter 1:21, because you do know exactly where to find the verse. You get six points for guessing 2 Peter 1:10-11, because if you look there it won't take you long to find the correct verse. You get five points for guessing 1 Peter 1:21 or 2 Peter 2:20-21, because you can flip to the other book or through chapters. You get four points if you just get the book right; you can hunt through the book until you find it. You get three points if you gess something like 2 John 1:20-21; there's a chance you'll realize your mistake and find the right book. You get two points if you get the book have right and have to flip through two books to find the scripture. If all you get both the book and chapter wrong you have little chance of finding it and just get one point out of seven.

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