Mock meeting agenda

Break up into groups of 5-7 people. Choose a leader and a minute taker. The minute taker should talk first to the leader, then to the rest of the group about the benefits of clear meeting minutes and what they can do to help.

Then proceed with the meeting. To help get you started, I've provided a mock meeting agenda. Some agenda items are deliberately ambiguous. Interpret them in whatever way you think will bring out the most conversation. Items 2 and 3 are based on New York Times articles of January 8, 1997.

  1. Action-item followup
    1. From 97/01/02: Chris, Fran, Jess and Pat will attend a class on the importance of meeting minutes.
  2. Malaria - what should MIT do about malaria outbreaks?
  3. Gulf War Syndrome - What should the next steps be in reasearch?
  4. Other items - whatever you want to talk about.
After the meeting, talk about what was hard and what was difficult. Swap ideas for making a meeting go well.

The Importance of Meeting Minutes
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