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Description: Briefly describe the potential project, explaining whom it benefits and how it benefits them. (Feel free to use HTML tags here and later in this form.)

Cost Guestimate

Any project in the Athena environment will cost some amount of effort from various groups within MIT Information Systems. For simplicity, three broad categories of effort are used. A cost estimate in each area is required. It is often difficult to determine in advance how much effort is involved, but a rough guess is helpful. If you are guessing wildly, please say so in the comments.

Delivery/Integration cost

Please estimate the amount of effort involved in acquiring/developing, building, testing, auditing, installing and documenting the potential project.

1 = 1 day or less
2 = 1-5 days
3 = 5-10 days (1-2 wks)
4 = 10-20 days (2-4 wks)
5 = more than 20 days

Service cost

Please estimate the amount of effort required for ongoing maintenance of the potential project. Include maintenance of servers as well as files containing information that must be kept up-to-date. If this does not apply to the potential project, choose "neutral".

1 = suggestion reduces maintenance of a current service
2 = neutral
3 = changes an existing service
4 = new service needs attention less than once a month (except backups)
5 = new service needs attention once a month or more

Support cost

Please estimate the impact this change will have on the user community. This estimate will roughly correspond to the cost of this suggestion in consulting, documentation and training.

1 = suggestion reduces the support burden
2 = small change affecting few users
3 = large change affecting few users
4 = small change affecting many users
5 = large change affecting many users

Your submission will be added to the Index of Potential Projects.
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