Joel Brooks

I am a PhD student in CSAIL at MIT. I work with Professor John Guttag in the Data-Driven Inference Group. My academic interests are primarily in the application of Machine Learning to sports and medicine.


Ranking players in soccer by how valuble their passes are for generating shot opportunities.

My primary research interests are understanding how we can use machine learning to better understand sports. We've reached somewhat of a "golden age" in sports analytics, and for sports such as basketball and soccer, rich datasets are being collected to describe every event that takes place in a game or tracking all of the players in real-time. However, it is not always clear how to best utilize these data. My investigations are focused on using machine learning to pick up subtle patterns in game dynamics and team strategy in basketball and soccer to highlight interesting patterns, strategies, or player advantages that may not be immediately obvious.

In the past, I've also conducted research on applying machine learning to medical signals. My Master's thesis was on understanding the relationship between Alcoholism and EEG.


Personal Interests

In my spare time, I like to go on neature walks, climb things, and play a bit of Ultimate Frisbee. I'm frequently daydreaming about my next expedition with my lifetime adventure buddy (sometimes dog tags along also).