Stephanie Brown Krein

MIT Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
54-1212 Cambridge, MA 02139
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Here you will find new methods for finding best-fit petrologic, geochemical, and geophysical models to data. These methods allow direct comparison of different and conflicting models that rely upon different fundamental Earth processes to explain the same observations.

MATLAB Software

1: Plotting Capabilities Only: EMAIL FOR UPDATED CODE

Link for Ternary and Oxide-Oxide Plotting Software on GITHUB
Creates a variety of customizable figures by reading in a generic excel spreasheet of geochemical data (no reformatting of cells required). Examples include the following 3 figures, which illustrate the extreme compositional variablity of the Apollo lunar ultramafic glasses (Delano, 1986):

2: Calculating Equilibrium Plagioclase Compositions from Grove et al. 1992

Link for Grove et al. 1992 Plag Comps on GITHUB
Reads in liquid compositions from a user-tagged generic spreadsheet, and calculates equilibrium plagioclase compositions. Results are automatically clipped to the clipboard

3: DirectDUDTh

Link for DirectDUDTh on GITHUB
Calculates DU, DTh, and DU/DTh during melting required to produce basalts with (230Th/238U) and (226Ra/230Th) disequilibria


4: Mantle Melting Model (PETROGEN)

Dropbox link (for now). README contains directions
This file is large (3.8 GB) because it contains prerun melting model results. May require unzipping in the terminal (on a Mac).

5: Method for reverse fractional crystallization correction and best-fit mantle melting thermobarometry

Coming soon

6: Method for minimize error between (#3) model primary melts and (#4) corrected erupted model mantle melts

Coming soon