Bradford Skow
Laurance S. Rockefeller Professor of Philosophy

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In my first book Objective Becoming I defended the "Block Universe Theory" of time, mainly against the objection that it "leaves out" the passage of time. But in the spirit of generosity I spent a lot of the book trying to show that The Moving Spotlight Theory of Time is in much better shape than people tend to think. My second book Reasons Why urges philosophers of science to re-frame the debate about what an explanation is as the debate over what it is for one fact to be a reason why another fact obtains. I defend the view that every reason why something happened is either a cause or a ground of its happening. My third book Causation, Explanation, and the Metaphysics of Aspect picks up some threads from the second and spin them together with some ideas about the "metaphysics of aspect," that is, ideas about what the metaphysical significance is of the distinction between stative and non-stative verbs.