This is MIT !!!

MIT students work hard and play hard. We are not an exception. However, nobody takes pictures while we work, so we have only pictures from when we play =)

The president says 'Hello!':
(actually, he says 'Cheese!' ...)

The old wolves are chilling out in California just a few weeks before...

..the new transfers arrive to Boston:
(yeah, I know this picture is from NY)

And they get the president under control very soon :-)

Domestic violence happens every now and then,
but Vesso is always on the top:

Some go to Bulgarian parties at Harvard...

...while other prefer partying at home:

Steer Roast is the annual 3days&3nights party of Senior House, a dorm on MIT's campus, in which many Bulgarians choose to live because of the free spirit there (and the nice single rooms too).
There is always mudwrestling on the first day of the party... and we love it!

The boys get dirty:

A closer look:

Here is a picture of Hristo (also starring in the previous picture):

And again, a picture of me (Svetkins) because
I am the web-master of this page and I'll put
as many pictures of myself as I wish! :-)

Eventually, some people escape from the he... er, MIT.
Yeah, that's right, they graduate!

Ivan holding his bachelor's cake and pretending to be very serious:

... but seriously ... he is so happy to be alive after those four long years.

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