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Andrew Huang

Seminar Handouts

Day 1--introduction and overview of microcontrollers

Day 2--SH-1 specifics

Day 3--developing code

Hands on Portion

Hitachi SH-1 User's Manual

Seminar Hands-On Portion Code and Development Tools

DOS-based tools:

  • Suggestded install procedure
  • DOS-to-SH1 cross compiler and complete source examples. (7.5 MB zipped ) Complete gcc/binutils for DOS, see setenv.bat for environment variables that need to be added to autoexec.bat. sh1wh directory has a templdos directory with DOS templates, plus code examples for RTC, FLASH, FPGA, and monitor code (some code examples will require a makefile transplant to make them compile under DOS, as they were written in the linux environment).
  • Java-based terminal interaction program (153K zipped); provides binary upload protocol support. Requires JDK1.1.6 or better, plus java.comm extensions. JDK can be retrieved from the Sun Java website; will require about 30-40 megs to install.
  • java.comm (263K zipped) of the proper version (1.1 beta, I believe) for the JTerm software. Once you have unzipped the file, read the PlatformSpecific.html file and follow the install instructions!
  • Sample items that need to be added to your autoexec.bat to make the comm software and dev environment work.

    Linux-based tools:

  • Obtain gcc and binutils sources from, and configure for cross-compile to sh-coff; for more detailed directions and a gzip'd tarfile of my source tree, contact me.
  • Linux-based serial-port uploader source code by Matt DeBergalis. Use in conjunction with a standard linux serial communications package (like minicom); you can fire up both the uploader and the comm package simultaneously for convenience. Ignore any warnings about locks on the serial port.

    FPGA Libraries

    FPGA Libraries for Xilinx Foundation series of design tools.

    On-Line Documentation

    Note: All schematics are copyright (c) Andrew Huang 1999 and are provided for reference only. The availability of these schematics does not imply any license for implementation.

    The SH1WH Microcontroller Hardware

    Description of SH1WH microcontroller and accessories.

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