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Freshman Welcome

This could be your room.
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Hello prefrosh.

So you came to CPW, decided you want to come to MIT, and now you're trying to figure out where you want to live. You'll be watching the i3 videos soon enough, and you'll be kind of scared and kind of confused afterwards. Don't worry, we're only crazy when there's a camera around.

Our doubles are messy, but huge

So why Burton-Conner? Well, because we're awesome. We have one of the more 'adult' living situations - no long sterile hallways lined with rooms. Burton-Conner is suite style - each suite has a kitchen and a bathroom and 4-7 rooms [4-9 people]. Most rooms are singles, with a double or two in each suite, and some temporary triples if there is crowding.

Cable, Movies, Video games, Music, even Vending Machines, what more can you ask for?

You get your own living space and your own place to hang out. It's nice to have a place to go to do homework and get away from all the noise in the hallway, or a place to have a party without annoying the whole floor. Each floor has a floor lounge - most have a TV, sound system and couches - which are great for large groupings.

Better kitchens than Legal Seafoods.

Did I mention kitchens? Even if all you can cook is cereal, it's so convenient to have a kitchen right there. No wasting space in your room with a mini-fridge. College is supposed to prepare you for the real world, so why not learn to cook while you're at it? Plus, you'll live with people who cook, and those people are usually nice and will share.

Yeah yeah, you know what the dorm looks like, but what about actually living there? Burton-Conner is made up of 9 floors - 5 Burton floors and 4 Conner floors. Each floor has a different personality. Some floors have long-standing traditions, some floors change with the current residents. You'll be close with the people in your suite, but you're also going to be friends with everyone on your floor. Each floor gets money each semester to do fun stuff and have study breaks, so you get to spend lots of time with the people you live with. Check out each floor's website to see what they're about. We also encourage floors to do things together, and properly fund those events too.

Still not sure? Come visit us during orientation. Want more info before that? Email any questions to bc-rush@mit.edu, and we'll start an anonymous question and answer page.

See you in the fall!