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Scenario 4: SUSPICION

Introduction : Talk to Molly

You chose: Talk to Molly.

You tell Molly, "I saw you coming out of Alex's room and am concerned that you might be involved in the thefts here."   Molly says, "You are jumping to conclusions.   I had nothing to do with the theft of Alex's wallet, and I resent your accusation.   I went into his room to leave, not take, something. ... I left him some brownies.   I didn't want him to know who they were from."   You remember about Alex's secret admirer who left him little presents and realize that that explains what you saw and why Molly has been acting strangely.   You apologize to her and tell her that you have not told anyone else what you saw.   The thefts continue until the end of the semester.   No one is caught.
(End of Scenario)

You have reached the end of this path in the scenario.  If you are happy with the outcome here, congratulations on finding a strategy that worked.

If you are not satisfied with this outcome, you might want to look at other possible paths in this scenario. You can start over, or use the Back button to try out different options. You may also want to see Responding to Situations for strategies relevant to similar situations, or see our complete list of Active Bystander Strategies.

Please feel free to contact us with comments about this scenario or to suggest others.


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