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Cable Television, MIT   [website]
Cambridge-MIT Undergraduate Exchange
Campus Activities Complex   [website]
Campus Convenience (660 Corporation)
Campus Mail   [website]
Campus Planning and Design   [website]
Campus Police   [website]
Campus Tours   [website]
Card Services
Cardinal and Gray Society   [website]
Cardiology Service   [website]
Career Reengineering Program
Career Services
Cashier   [website]
Catalog Production   [website]
Catering Services   [website]
Catholic Community, Tech
Central Machine Shop
Chancellor, Office of the   [website]
Chemical Engineering, Dept of   [website]
Chemistry, Dept of   [website]
Child Care
China Program, MIT   [website]
Chocolate City   [website]
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Dept of   [website]
Classroom Management and Scheduling   [website]
Cleaning   [website]
Clinical Research Center   [website]
Closings, Emergency
Collective Intelligence, Center for   [website]
Communication Requirement, Office of the   [website]
Communications Forum   [website]
Communications--Resource Development
Community Giving at MIT   [website]
Community Relations, Office of Government and   [website]
Community Service Fund   [website]
Community Services Office   [website]
Community Wellness at MIT Medical   [website]
Comparative Media Studies   [website]
Comparative Medicine, Division of
Comparative Pathology Lab
Complex Systems Research Lab
Composite Materials and Nondestructive Evaluation Lab
Compton Gallery
Computation for Design and Optimization (CDO) Program   [website]
Computational and Systems Biology Initiative   [website]
Computational Research in Economics and Management Science, Center for (CCREMS)
Computer Aided Design Lab (CADLab)   [website]
Computer Projection Equipment and Services   [website]
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory   [website]
Computer-Help and Services, Networks, Security, Training   [website]
Concert Information   [website]
Concourse   [website]
Concrete Sustainability Hub   [website]
Conference Services
Consortium on Financing Higher Education (COFHE)
Convergence Products Research Lab
Coop, MIT
Copy Technology Centers   [website]
Copyright Clearance (Course Materials)   [website]
Copyrights (Patents)   [website]
Corporate Relations
Corporation Joint Advisory Committee on Institute-Wide Affairs (CJAC)   [website]
Corporation, Office of the Chairman   [website]
Corporation, Office of the Secretary   [website]
Council for the Arts   [website]
Course Catalog Information, MIT   [website]
Course Management System (Stellar)   [website]
Course Packs   [website]
Credit Union, MIT Federal   [website]
Cryogenic Engineering Lab
Crystal Physics and Electroceramics Laboratory   [website]
Curricula, Committee on   [website]
Custodial Services   [website]