Review & Approval Process: Biological Research


Biological Research Registrations (BRR) have an active period of 3 years. During that 3 year period, the BRR is reviewed annually and annual CAB/ESCRO approval is required for continuation of research. Principal Investigators will be asked to review their biological research registration(s) annually and make minor changes as needed. Biological Research Registrations may be amended within the 3 year period by submission of a letter describing the new research for CAB/ESCRO approval. Because of the City of Cambridge rDNA Ordinance (Chapter 8.20) which was first passed in 1977, no categories of rDNA-based research are exempt from the requirement for CAB/ESCRO Committee registration, review and approval. Formal amendments are not needed to change research associated personnel or to alter registered laboratory spaces.

The Biosafety Program liaison collaborates with investigators to complete the registration form. Once the form is completed, submit it to the Biosafety Program at and send a signed copy to Biosafety Program, N52-496. The Biosafety Program reviews the Biological Research Registration.

Once the BRR is in a final form, it is placed on the agenda for the next CAB/ESCRO Committee meeting for institutional review and approval. If you are a new faculty member at MIT, a quick introduction to the institutional committees besides the CAB/ESCRO may be helpful.


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