Class Videotaping and Consulting Request Form
for the Kaufman Classroom
  • If class size is less than 28 students, videotaping will take place in the Kaufman Classroom (complete the request form below).

  • If class size is over 28 students, taping will take place in your regularly scheduled classroom; please use the the regular classroom request.
The Stephen P. Kaufman Family Classroom for Instruction in Teaching (Bldg. 9-151)
    The Kaufman Classroom is a videotape studio/classroom especially designed and equipped to help instructors improve their teaching skills. MIT faculty, teaching assistants, and instructional staff can have a class session videotaped in the Kaufman Classroom, and then meet with a professional teaching consultant to review the tape.

    The classroom can accommodate up to 28 students. Movable tables and chairs allow for a variety of seating arrangements. The three cameras and six microphones in the room are inconspicuously placed and are controlled by a technician in a separate editing room. The Kaufman Classroom is fully equipped with the latest educational technologies.

    • Please submit this form well in advance of your requested tape date
    • Upon receipt, you will be contacted to confirm the date of the taping
    • After taping is complete, you will be contacted about meeting with the consultant

    Note: requests received late in the term are more difficult to schedule!

Fields marked with * are required. Please do not leave blank.
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Information About The Subject to be Videotaped
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Information For Scheduling the Videotaping
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Information About The Kaufman Room Facilities
1. Check each medium you would like to have available when you use the room
Viewgraph projector
Power Point Presentations (faculty laptop required)
Videotape playback (VHS)
35mm slides
Please check here if you would like the 35mm slides reproduced on videotape.
PC for Internet access (provided with 233 Mhz Pentium II Processor, 32 MB RAM, Windows '96, Office '97.
2. Inform your students at least a week ahead of time that your class will be held in the Kaufman Classroom, Building 9-151. Signs are posted to direct students.
3. We suggest arriving 15-20 minutes before your scheduled class time so that you can acquaint yourself with the layout of the room and the media that are available.
Questions? Contact: Joanne Flood, Administrative Assistant, MIT Video Productions, 9-415, 253-5475,

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