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The MIT House_n project was recently awarded a grant as part of the NIH's GEI Exposure Biology Program. Read more about it. As a small part of this new project, we had planned to update the PDA CAES software for mobile phones. We discovered the open source MyExperience project, founded by Jon Froehlich and James Landay of University of Washington and Intel Research. Given the excellent job Jon had done, we decided to join that project rather than reinventing wheels.

We have just begun contributing to the MyExperience project. We strongly encourage other researchers interested in using context-aware experience sampling (or more traditional EMA methods) to join the MyExperience project as well.

We are using MyExperience in a study to investigate the feasibility of what we call the National Experience Sampling Project.We are also redeveloping our wireless accelerometers and automatic activity detection software to work with mobile phones for longitudinal detection of physical activity type, intensity, duration, and location. We call these sensors Wockets. The Wockets project, like the MyExperience project, is open source. Please participate!

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