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   'movi' [delay <sec>]|[start]|[stop]|
          [make <pic-nr> <pic-nr> <prolog.gif>]|
This keyword is used to start or stop the recording of a movie. After ''start'' all frames will be stored in single gif files until the ''stop'' command is issued. See also the menu options ''Start Recording Gif-Movie''. Use the option ''make'' to assemble the movie from the individual files. An existing movie will be copied in front of a range of frames if it is specified as the last argument. The range consists of the nr of the first and last picture to be used. With the option ''delay,'' a time-delay (in seconds) between frames can be specified. With the option ''clean,'' all single gif-files will be erased.

Here is an example command sequences:
   movi delay 0.01
   movi start
   movi stop
   movi make 0 500
   movi make 0 500 prolog.gif
   movi clean
Further remarks in ''How to change the format of the movie file''.

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