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   'qseq' [<set> RETURN 'n'|'p']|[ RETURN 'nr']
This keyword is used to define a sequence. The sequence might consist of nodes or points. A sequence is nothing else than a set which keeps the selection-order of the entities:

qseq nodeset

will store all selected nodes (selected with the 'n' key) in the order in which they were selected. This set might be used for a subsequent ''graph'' command. Point sequences are used to define splines. If


is typed without a setname then an existing line has to be selected with a nummerical keystroke (or the space-bar followed by two numbers). New points will be created on this line which in turn are used to redefine the selected line as a sequence-line which uses the new spline-points. Sequences can be shown with the ``prnt sq'' command. Node sequences can be written to a file and read again with the commands ``send seqname fbd'' and ``read seqname.fbd''.

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