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   'shpe' <name|!> ['pln' <P1> <P2> <P3>] |
                   ['cyl' <P1> <P2> <R1>|con'|sph']
This keyword is used to create a shape which can be used to define the interiour of surfaces or to be used as a target for projections (see proj) or to split entities (see split). A plane shape is defined with the parameter ``pln'' followed by the names of three points:

shpe H001 pln P1 P2 P3

A cylinder can be defined by

shpe H001 cyl P1 P2 10.5

were 10.5 is the radius. Other types of shapes are planned but not implemented so far ( con, sph). If automatic name generation is desired, then use ''!'' instead of a name. See also ``qshp'' for the mouse controlled definition of shapes.

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